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I Only Have Eyes for You

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~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue ~~~~~~~~~~

In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against
the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.

The Bronze. Splendid is the band tonight. They are on stage performing
"Charge". The camera pans from the spotlights above the band down past
the drummer to the lead guitar player.

Lyrics: The way you love / Have you got a name for it / Cause I don't
understand it

The camera pans past the singer and into the crowd. Cordelia and Xander
are dancing close with their arms around each other and smiling.

Lyrics: The language is an annoying necessity / And I depend on all the
regular things

The camera reaches Willow, who is looking around for Buffy. She turns
around, looks up and spots her on the upper level leaning against the
railing and watching the band. The camera pans up to her.

Lyrics: Got a list tattooed on my memory / Of how our tryst should

Behind Buffy a boy approaches her.

Lyrics: I'm falling from the opposite

Ben: Hey.

Buffy turns to him, a little surprised.

Lyrics: What good is it

Ben: I'm Ben. We had Algebra II together last year.

Lyrics: Fight the map with no key attached

Buffy: Sorry, I pretty much repress anything math-related.

Lyrics: My heart's enlarged, and I charge / What do you say

Ben: Ms. Jackson? Second period? You sat in the seat three over and one

Lyrics: To a dream that won't go away

Buffy: Oh! Yeah, I remember now, it's the one with the desks and the
chalkboards and pencils and stuff, right?

Ben: That's the one. (chuckles)

Buffy: (smiles and points at her head) Like a steel trap.

Lyrics: 'Cause I don't know if I can stand it

Ben: So, I was wondering, you know the dance tomorrow night? Are you

Buffy: You mean the Sadie Hawkins thing? The deal where the girls ask
the boys?

Ben: Yeah.

Lyrics: Forever isn't something you want to be

Ben: And I thought maybe, you know, if you're free, you might ask me.

Lyrics: And I rely on familiar things

Buffy: Oh, gosh... (exhales) I...

Ben: (holds up his hand) Oh, oh, hey, hey, no, don't, don't worry about

Buffy: No, no, you seem like a really great guy, it's...

Lyrics: Seven days all have special meanings

Buffy: I-I'm not seeing anybody.

Lyrics: But you just call it a week

Buffy: Ever again, actually.

Ben: Oh. That's, that's too bad.

Lyrics: I'm falling from the opposite / What good is it

Ben: Okay, well, I better... (indicates away and goes)

Lyrics: Fight the map with no key attached

Buffy: (to herself) Sorry.

Lyrics: My heart's enlarged, and I charge

She watches him go for a moment, glances sadly down at the band and then
heads for the stairs.

Cut to the stage. The camera focuses on the singer and the band as she
sings the refrain again.

Lyrics: I'm falling from the opposite / What good is it / Fight the map
with no key attached / My heart's enlarged, and I charge

When Buffy reaches the bottom of the stairs Willow meets her.

Willow: Hey! You're bailing?

Buffy: Yeah. I'm gonna stop by the library and see if Giles wants me to
patrol, and then sack it.

Willow: You've been doing that a lot. Patrolling and sacking. In fact,
you've kind of been All-Work-And-No-Play Buffy.

Buffy: I play. I have *big* fun. I came here tonight, didn't I?

Willow: You came, you saw, you (glances up) rejected.

Buffy: You mean that guy? Just not in date mode right now.

Willow: (smiles) Well, maybe you need to date to get in date mode.

Buffy: I don't think I'm ready for that, Will.

Willow: You're thinking too much. Maybe you need to be impulsive.

Buffy: Impulsive? Do you remember my ex-boyfriend, the vampire? I slept
with him, he lost his soul, now my boyfriend's gone forever, and the
demon that wears his face is killing my friends. The next impulsive
decision I make will involve my choice of dentures.

Willow: Okay, the Angel thing went badly, I'm on board with that, but
that's not your fault. And anyways, love isn't always like that. Love
can be... (smiles) nice!

Cut to the halls at Sunnydale High School. A boy is chasing a girl as
she walks away from him determinedly.

Boy: (angrily) Come back here! We're not finished!

He grabs her by the arm and turns her around to face him.

Boy: You don't care anymore, is that it?

Girl: (sobbing) No, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what I feel.

Boy: Then tell me you don't love me. (shakes her) Say it!

Girl: Will that help? Is that what you need to hear? I don't. I don't!
Now let me go. (tries to go)

Boy: No! A person doesn't just wake up one day and stop loving

He takes a step back, raises a revolver, pulls the hammer back and aims
it at her. She looks at the gun, then up at him, frightened.

Boy: Love is forever.

Opening credits roll. Buffy's theme plays.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

The halls at Sunnydale High. The boy has his gun trained on the girl.

Boy: I'm not afraid to use it. I swear! If I can't be with you...

Buffy comes walking around the corner and sees them.

Buffy: Hey!

Girl: Oh, my God!

She turns and starts walking away. Buffy starts running at the boy.


Down another hall George the janitor hears the yelling, drops his mop
and starts toward the commotion. Buffy comes running at the boy full
steam. He looks at her just as she grabs his arm, raises it and brings
it down over her shoulder, making him drop the gun. She elbows him hard
in the gut, knocking the breath out of him. She turns around, grabs him
by the shirt and yanks him hard to the floor. His spins a turn and a
half on his way down and lands hard on his back. The girl just looks on
in shock. Buffy bends down to pick the boy up by the collar. George
arrives at a run and goes over to the girl. They look over at Buffy and
the boy. She pushes him away. He is in open-mouthed shock over what just

Boy: What happened?

Buffy: What happened?! You just went O.J. on your girlfriend!

His girlfriend looks down away from him.

Boy: This is nuts! I... I don't know why I got so mad.

Buffy: Because you're a jerk?

Girl: He's not. We weren't even fighting a few minutes ago.

Boy: We weren't, I, I swear to God!

Buffy: If you weren't fighting, then why'd you have a gun?

George looks around the hall.

Boy: I don't, I don't know. I don't even know where I got it.

George: I don't see any gun.

Buffy looks at him, confused. The boy takes a look around also.

Cut to school the next day. Cut to Pricipal Snyder's office. He comes in
and closes the door behind him. The camera starts to follow him to his

Snyder: I'm sure you know why I asked you here.

He passes Buffy as she takes a seat.

Buffy: To thank me?

Snyder: (walks around his desk) That's right, I wanna thank you. What
would Sunnydale High do without you around to incite mayhem, chaos and

Buffy: I don't incite! I stopped that boy from killing his girlfriend,
ask him. Ask the janitor.

Snyder: People can be coerced, Summers. I'm no stranger to conspiracy.
I saw JFK. I'm a truth seeker. I've got a missing gun and two confused
kids on my hands. Pieces of the puzzle. And I'm gonna look at all the
pieces carefully and rationally, and I'm gonna keep looking until I know
exactly how this is all your fault.

Buffy is about to respond when his secretary buzzes him on his office

Secretary: Mr. Snyder, Billy Crandal chained himself to the snack
machine again.

Snyder: (to the intercom) Pathetic little no-life vegan.

He walks around his desk to go take care of Billy. Buffy stands up to go

Snyder: Not so fast, missy. I'm not done with you yet. You stink of

He points to her chair, and she sits back down and exhales. He leaves
the office and closes the door behind him. Over to Buffy's right is a
bookcase with copies of all of the yearbooks since Sunnydale High
opened, and the one from 1955 slides out on its own and falls. She hears
it hit the floor and looks down at it. She gets up and bends down to
pick it up. She looks at the cover, looks over at its space on the
shelf, shrugs and puts it back.

Cut to the computer science class. Willow is still substituting for Ms.
Calendar. She walks along the front of the class.

Willow: So, for next time read the chapters on information grouping and
binary coding.

Giles looks into the classroom from the hall.

Willow: I bet you'll think coding is pretty cool. I mean, if you find
two-digit, multi-stacked conversions and primary number clusters a big

Everyone in the class laughs. The bell rings, and the students begin to
leave. Willow watches them go and notices Giles waiting just inside of
the doorway.

Willow: Giles! (goes to him) I made them laugh, did you hear? I did the
joke thing! (smiles) (goes back to the desk)

Giles: Yes, yes, so it seems. I-I mean, um, (approaches the desk) uh,
you did indeed. Good, good, good show. I-I-I just stopped by to, to see
if you needed any assistance, (sits on the desk) but you seem to have
things quite under control.

Willow: (puts things away) Well, I had good lesson plans. Ms. Calendar
had them on her computer.

Giles: Yes, yes, she was very, um... uh, dedicated.

Willow: And I found a bunch of files and Internet sites on paganism and
magic and stuff. (smiles)

Giles: Oh?

Willow: Yes, it's really interesting.

Giles looks down away from her.

Willow: (reaches for something on the desk) And, uh, I found this in
her drawer. (Giles looks up) She told me it was a rose quartz. (Giles
looks at her hands) And it has healing powers.

She holds up a light pink quartz stone strung on a thin leather thong.

Willow: I thought she'd want you to have it.

He gets up from the desk and slowly takes the necklace from her. He
gently turns it over in his hand.

Giles: Oh, thank you, Willow, that's, um... that's very thoughtful of

He turns and leaves the classroom. Willow watches him go with a small
smile on her face.

Cut to history class. Buffy has her chin propped up in her hand, bored
with the lecture and trying not to fall asleep to the drone of the male
teacher's voice.

Teacher: Before 1935, the new deal focused on revitalizing stricken
business and agricultural communities. And the new deal also tried to
regulate the nation's financial hierarchy to avoid another disaster like
the 1929 stock market crash.

Buffy can't help but close her eyes for a moment. The next thing she
knows she hears a woman's voice, and she shakes herself out of her

Ms. Newman: Don't forget, your assignments are due on Friday, class.

The students begin to leave. Buffy looks around and is taken aback by
the sudden changed appearance of the classroom and the different dress
and hairstyles of the other students.

Girl#1: I told Ms. Hall we'd go help decorate the gym. Who are you

She hands a flyer for the Sadie Hawkins Dance to another girl. Buffy can
see that the year on it reads 1955.

Girl#2: David said yes.

Girl#1: Oh, you're kidding! He's so dreamy!

Buffy looks all around, confused.

Ms. Newman: (collecting papers) Thank you.

James goes up to the desk and hands in his paper also.

Ms. Newman: Thank you, James. How are you enjoying that book I loaned
you? The Hemingway.

Buffy observes and listens to the conversation.

James: I like it. Very much. It's honest.

He slowly reaches for Ms. Newman's hand and gently takes it.

Ms. Newman: (exhales) Yes, it's, um... it's based on a true story,
actually. He fell in love with his...

They are interrupted by the door opening, and let go of their hands.
Suddenly Buffy finds herself back in her history class as her teacher
continues his lecture while writing on the board.

Teacher: ...hours, child labor...

Buffy stares in surprise at what the teacher is writing.

Teacher: ...and collective bargaining.

The teacher looks back at the class. The students all start laughing. He
looks back at the board and sees that he's just written "DON'T WALK AWAY
FROM ME BITCH!" in huge letters.

Teacher: Oh, my God!

He quickly grabs an eraser and frantically wipes it away.

Boy: (smiling) Did you see what he wrote?

Cut to the halls. Buffy and Xander walk through the doors from the
lounge and head down the hall.

Buffy: I'm telling you, something weird is going on.

Xander: Something weird is going on. Isn't that our school motto?

Buffy: Pretty much. But I don't know. This time it bugs me.

They reach his locker, and he starts to work the combination.

Xander: I don't wanna poo-poo your wiggins, but a domestic dispute, a
little case of chalkboard Tourette's? All sounds like Hellmouth Lite to

He opens his locker, and a wiry-muscled green arm shoots out and grabs
him by the shirt. He screams, and it pulls at him and slams him into the
locker. Buffy grabs him by the shoulders and tries to pull him away, but
the arm is extremely strong and pulls Xander away from her and against
the locker again. He screams out in pain when he hits it. Buffy grabs
him again and pulls harder, and the arm lets go. Xander falls to the
floor as Buffy slams the locker shut. He scrambles back to his feet, and
they both look around the hall and see the other students' reactions.
They are all confused, but stay away and just stare. Buffy gives Xander
an intent look and indicates that they should open his locker again and
take a look inside. Xander rubs his chin and stands ready as Buffy
slowly lifts the latch. She slowly opens the door, and they peek in.
Nothing. They open it all the way, and it appears to be completely

Cut to the library. Willow is at the table studying. She looks up when
she hears the doors open and sees Xander's torn shirt.

Willow: Xander, what happened? Did Cordelia win another round in the
broom closet?

Xander: You're just a big bucket of funny, Will.

Buffy sits down next to her. Xander walks over to Giles, who is kneeling
and going through some books on a shelf.

Xander: I'll have you know I was just accosted by some kind of, um,
locker monster.

Giles: (looks up) Loch Ness Monster?

Buffy: 'Locker' monster is what he said. But it wasn't really a
monster. It was, like, this big arm that came out of the locker, but
then we opened it again, it was gone. Nothing.

Xander: This was right after Buffy's history teacher starts doing some
freaky channeling thing in class.

Giles: (stands up) Ooh! Sounds like paranormal phenomena.

Willow: (smiles) A ghost? Cool!

Xander: Oh, no, no. No. No cool. This was no wimpy chain rattler. This
was 'I'm dead as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore.'

Giles: Well, despite the Xander-speak, that's a fairly accurate
definition of a poltergeist.

Xander: I defined something? Accurately? (closes a book on the table)
Guess I'm done with the book learning. (sits)

Buffy: So we have some bad boo on our hands?

Giles: Yes.

Willow: Well, why is it here? Does it just wanna scare people?

Giles: Unfortunately, he doesn't know exactly what he wants. That's,
that's the trouble. See, uh, many times the spirit is plagued by all
manner of worldly troubles. Being dead, it has no way to, uh, to make
its peace. So it, it lashes out, growing ever more confused, ever more

Buffy: So it's a normal teenager, only dead.

Willow: Well, what can we do? Is there any way to stop it?

Giles: (sits on the table) Uh, the only tried and true way is to work
out what unresolved issues keep it here, and-and-and, um, resolve them.

Buffy: Fabulous. Now we're Dr. Laura for the deceased.

Giles: Only if we can find out who this spirit is. (considers) Or was.

Cut to the halls that evening. George is doing his usual mopping. Behind
him a classroom door opens, and a teacher comes out to go home.

George: Working late Ms. Frank?

Ms. Frank: My fault. Let myself get behind. (stops) Is it okay to walk
here George? It is George, right?

George: Oh, yes ma'am. You go ahead.

Ms. Frank: Thanks. (continues on her way) You have a nice evening.

George: You too. Drive safe. (looks up at her) Oh, Ms. Frank?

Ms. Frank: Yes?

George: (drops his mop and approaches her) You can't make me disappear
just because you say it's over.

Ms. Frank: (shakes her head) There's no way we can be together. (steps
closer) No way people will ever understand. Accept it.

George: Is that what this is about? What other people think?

Ms. Frank: No! I just want you to be able to have some kind of a normal
life. We can never have that. Don't you see?

George: I don't give a damn about a normal life! I'm going crazy not
seeing you. I think about you every minute.

She steps closer and puts her hand up on his cheek. He looks down sadly.

Ms. Frank: I know. But it's over. It has to be.

She turns around and starts to leave. He looks up again and starts to
chase after her.

George: (angrily) Come back here! We're not finished yet!

He grabs her by the arm and turns her around to face him.

George: You don't care anymore? Is that it?

Ms. Frank: (sobbing) It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what I feel.

George: Then tell me you don't love me. (shakes her) Say it!

Ms. Frank: Will that help? Is that what you have to hear? I don't. I
don't. Now let me go. (tries to go)

George: No. A person doesn't just wake up one day and stop loving

A gun materializes in his hand. He takes a step back, raises the
revolver, pulls the hammer back and aims it at her. She looks at the
gun, frightened.

George: Love is forever.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~

The library. The camera pans through the main room over to a window
looking into Giles' office. George and Ms. Frank can be heard faintly as
they continue their quarrel.

George: I'm not afraid to use it. I swear. If I can't be with you...

Ms. Frank: Oh, my God.


Giles notices George's loud yelling and looks up from his desk. He gets
up, takes off his glasses and walks out of his office to the area behind
the checkout counter. There he hears a faint female voice.

Voice: I need you.

He looks around for a moment, then jumps to a conclusion.

Giles: Jenny.

Cut to the hall. He arrives at the hall intersection.

George: Don't!

Giles looks in the direction of George's voice and sees him out on the
balcony holding the gun up to Ms. Frank.

George: Don't do that, damn it! Don't talk to me like I'm some dumb...

The gun goes off. Giles rushes to the other side of the intersection and
hides behind the corner, watching the events as they unfold. Outside Ms.
Frank goes into shock from the bullet wound and begins to fall backward.
She tumbles over the balcony railing down to the base of the stairs
below. There George sees her lying dead with her eyes closed. He panics
and runs into the hall. As he reaches the intersection Giles rushes out,
grabs him and tackles him to the floor. George loses his grip on the gun
and it slides away. As it does so it dissolves and disappears in a whiff
of black vapor. George raises his head as Giles gets to his knees behind
him and holds him down.

George: What's going on?

Giles: What's going on? You just shot a woman.

George is stunned by the realization that it actually happened.

Cut to a modern-looking but deserted mansion. Cut inside to an atrium.
Angelus comes in leading Spike and Drusilla on a tour.

Angelus: And this... this is the garden.

Drusilla: Wow! (walks through) Look. Jasmine. (holds a flower)

Angelus: Night blooming. (plays with some pruning shears)

Drusilla: Like us. Oh, Angel, it's fairyland. (turns in excitement)

Spike: (still at the entrance) It's paradise. Big windows, lovely
gardens. It'll be perfect when we want the sunlight to kill us.

Angelus: If you don't like it, Spike, hit the stairs and go. Take a
stand, man. (comes up behind Drusilla)

Spike: Well, our old place was just fine till you went and had it
burned down.

Angelus: (walks around the center stone table) Things change, Spikey.
You gotta roll with the punches. Well, actually, you pretty much got
that part down, haven't you?

Spike: Very funny, mate.

Angelus: (peeks his head out from behind Dru) What can I say? (peeks
from the other side of her head) I just love to see you smile, buddy.

He holds up a jasmine bloom and brushes it across Drusilla's cheek as he
growls into her ear.

Spike: Yeah, you're a giver. (turns and rolls out)

Cut to the library. Giles is in his office, and the others are standing
outside his door.

Giles: It was just as with the, the couple you encountered the other
night, Buffy. The, the janitor remembered everything. He, he knew he'd
killed this poor woman, but he had no idea why. Well, they-they had no
intimate relationship.

He comes out with a few books and heads into the main area. They all

Willow: What about the gun? Did you find it?

Giles: No, no. The police, everybody, we-we-we-we searched high and
low. I think it's very clear what's happening here.

He goes into the cage with the books and puts them away.

Xander: Fill me in then, 'cause I've read the book, seen the movie, and
I'm still fuzzy about what's going on.

Giles: It's Jenny.

Buffy: What?

Xander: You think she's the ghost?

Giles: Well, don't you see? Well, she-she-she died here under tragic
circumstances, a-a-and now she's trapped.

Willow: But what about the gun? I mean, Angel didn't shoot Ms.

Giles: The gun is insignificant. It's the violence of the thing that
matters. (goes back into his office)

Buffy: I don't know. These fights these couples keep having, it's sort
of... specific.

Willow: She's right. It's a pattern that doesn't fit with the way Ms.
Calendar died.

Giles: (comes out of his office) Yes, well, I, uh, I appreciate your
thoughts on the matter, I, in fact I... well, I *encourage* you to, to
always, uh, challenge me, uh, when you feel it's appropriate. You should
never be cowed by authority. (starts back in, but comes back) Except, of
course, in this instance, when I am clearly right and you are clearly
wrong. (goes back in)

Cut to the computer science classroom. Willow, Xander and Buffy come in.

Willow: This is freaky. I don't ever remember ever seeing Giles be this

She sits at the desk and types at her laptop. Xander leans on a table
behind her. Buffy walks to the other side of the desk.

Xander: I know. He's usually Investigate-Things-From-Every-Boring-Angle
Guy. Now he's I-Cling-Onto-My-One-Lame-Idea Guy. What gives?

Buffy: He misses her. He can't think. Just a little more fallout from
my love life.

Willow: Okay, but this ghost stuff is something else. Let me do a
crosscheck on other shootings at the school.

Buffy: Yeah, we need some alternate ghost theories. What do we know?

Xander: Dog spit is cleaner than human.

Buffy: Besides that?

Willow: (finds something) Oh, boy, we know plenty.

She scrolls through a newspaper article on her laptop. The title reads
"Sunnydale High Jock Kills Lover, Self".

Willow: It says a student murdered a teacher on the night of the Sadie
Hawkins Dance. The rumor was they were having an affair, and she tried
to break it off. After he killed her, he went into the music room and
shot himself.

Xander: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a ghost. It is one of those two,

Willow: It all fits: the gun, the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

Buffy: Which is tonight.

Xander: How come we've never heard about this murder-suicide thing
before? When did it happen?

Buffy: 1955.

Willow and Xander both look up at her surprised.

Willow: How did you know?

Cut to a short while later. Buffy sets the 1955 Sunnydale High yearbook
on the desk and opens it to a picture of Ms. Newman.

Buffy: Okay, here's the new strangeness. I dreamt about this woman,
(points) Grace Newman, the other day. (turns more pages) Her and this
guy. (points)

Willow: Jim Stanley? He's the one. He did it.

Xander: Your dreams are getting wicked accurate, Buff. You wouldn't
happen to see me coming across some big cash? Or possibly knowing the
love of a woman? In a full body sense?

Buffy: (ignores him) He couldn't make her love him, so he killed her.
(turns away) Sicko. (steps away)

Willow: He looks so normal on this picture. He was smart, too. He made
the honor roll.

Buffy: (looks back) Smart.

Xander: He killed a person and killed himself. Those are pretty much
two of the dumbest things you could do.

Willow: I know, but... Well, don't you feel kind of bad for them?

Buffy: Sure I feel lousy. For her. He's a murderer and he should pay
for it.

Willow: With his life?

Buffy: No, he should be doing sixty years in a prison, breaking rocks
and making special friends with Roscoe the Weightlifter.

Xander: Yikes. The quality of mercy is not Buffy.

Willow: Whose ghost do you think we're dealing with? His or hers?

Buffy: Well, considering how violent it is, I'm gonna say his.

Xander: That tracks.

Willow: (sits) Well, I've been browsing on some of Ms. Calendar's pagan
sites. Maybe I can find a way to communicate with them and... we can
find out what he wants.

Buffy: Who cares what he wants? We need to shut him down before some
other innocent guy goes and kills some poor nice girl and then blows his
brains out all over the music room wall.

Xander: Okay! (smiles and rubs his hands) Who's hungry?

Cut to the cafeteria. Kraut dogs and spaghetti are on the menu today.
Cordelia has opted for spaghetti, and after paying comes over to the
team's table with her tray.

Cordelia: I hope you guys aren't going to the Sadie Hawkins Dance
tonight, (sits) 'cause I'm organizing a boycott. Do you realize that the
girls have to ask the guys? And pay and everything? I mean, whose genius
idea was that?

Xander: Obviously, some hairy-legged feminist.

Cordelia: Really! Well, we need to nip this thing in the butt. I mean,
otherwise, things are going to get really scary.

Suddenly they hear several students scream. The hotdogs and spaghetti
have all turned into snakes. A boy pulls his snakedog away from his
mouth. He has a snake protruding from his lips. He drops the bun, spits
out the snake and quickly gets up, backing away from his table. Xander
and the others look back at their table and see snakes all over it as
well. They quickly get up, except for Cordelia, who is too busy
screaming to think. When she finally looks at the table again a snake
lunges at her and bites her on the cheek. She reacts fast, throws the
snake off of her and runs. Snyder comes through the door and sees the
mayhem. He steps back just as a student comes running by and falls over
a table. Moments later the cafeteria is deserted.

Cut to later outside. The police are there. A team of pest controllers
is gathering the snakes, which in the mean time have managed to make
their way all around the school. Students are still fleeing the building
and running around. Cut to an ambulance. Cordelia and Xander sit at the
back while a paramedic dresses Cordelia's snakebite.

Cordelia: Perfect. I'm gonna be scarred and swollen. Why didn't they
just kill me?

Cut to the Police Chief's car. Snyder holds the door open as the Chief
gets out.

Chief: Schoolboy pranks?

Snyder: Never sell. (slams the door and they walk)

Chief: The sewer got backed up.

Snyder: Better. I can probably make that one fly. But this is getting
out of hand. People will talk.

Chief: You'll take care of it.

Snyder: I'm doing everything I can, but you people have to realize...

Two men arrive.

Man: Snyder, what's going on here?

Snyder: Backed up sewer line. Same thing happened in San Diego just
last week.

The two men continue into the building.

Snyder: (to the Chief) We're on a Hellmouth. Sooner or later, people
are gonna figure that out.

Chief: The city council was told that you could handle this job. If you
feel that you can't, perhaps you'd like to take that up... with the
Mayor. (leaves)

Snyder: I'll handle it. I will.

Cut to Buffy's house that night. Cut inside to her room. She's on her
bed, Xander is in her wicker chair, Cordelia is kneeling and leaning
against the bed and Willow is standing.

Willow: Remember the plan to contact the spirit and talk to it? Scrap
that plan. Buffy, you were right. The time for touchy-feely
communication is passed. I've done some homework and found the only
solution is the final solution.

Xander: Nuke the school? (smiles) I like that.

Willow: Not quite. Exorcism.

Cordelia: Are you crazy? I saw that movie! Even the priest died.

Buffy: What's the deal?

Willow lays down a map of the school building, and they all lean in to

Willow: Okay, see here, the balcony? That's where the original teacher
died back in 1955 and that teacher last night. That's the hot spot where
all the bad mojo is coming from. We need to create a Mangus-tripod.

Cordelia: A what?

Willow: (points) One person chants here on the hot spot. And the other
three chant in other places around the school forming a triangle. It's
supposed to bind the bad spirit and keep it from doing any more harm.

Buffy: Well, I'll take the hot spot. (takes the map) If there's
trouble, that's where it'll be.

Willow nods.

Xander: This ghost, this James guy, is fixating on you, Buffy. The
dreams, the yearbook... You sure you can handle it?

Buffy: Well, I'm hoping he'll show. I truly am.

Cut to the school that night. They all come into the hall from outside.

Buffy: Okay, we all have our places. We do the chant and light the
candle at midnight exactly. Any questions?

Cordelia: Yeah, what if this mangled triangle thingy doesn't work?

Willow: Oh! I almost forgot. I made us all scapulas. (hands them out)

Xander: Okay, so we can flip the ghost over when it turns a nice golden

Willow: Scapula, not spatula. Um, you wear it around your neck for

Cordelia: You expect me to wear this? It smells like grandpa breath.

Willow: Sorry, I didn't have a lot of time. I had to use sulfur.
Stinky, but effective.

Buffy: Okay, let's do this.

They all continue into the student lounge.

Cordelia: No problem. This will be a piece of cake. Right?

They hear a creaking and then a crashing noise. They jump and look in
that direction and see that the doors at the end of the hall have
slammed shut on their own. One by one the other doors at the ends of the
two intersecting halls slam shut.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 3 ~~~~~~~~~~

The atrium in the mansion. Drusilla sifts through the dirt in one of the
large planters. Spike is in his wheelchair, and Angelus is on the bench
behind Drusilla.

Drusilla: Maybe I'll sleep underground. Dig myself a little burrow.

Spike: What about your pretty dress, sweet? It'll get all dirty.

Drusilla: Then I'll sleep naked. Like the animals do.

Angelus: You know, I'm suddenly liking this plan.

Drusilla lies down on the ground in front of the planter.

Spike: Fortunately, nobody cares what you like, mate.

Angelus: Oh, yeah? Let's ask Dru.

He slides off of the bench and crouches, looking at Drusilla. She begins
to laugh as she has a vision.

Drusilla: There's a gate! (rolls onto her back, laughing) It's opening!
(gets to her knees)

Angelus: Incoming! I love when she does this.

Spike: What gate, pet? What do you see?

Drusilla: (bounces gleefully) It's black. (hums) It wants her. (hums)

Angelus: (crawls up behind her) Wants who?

Drusilla: The Slayer. It's time, Angel. (stands up) She's ready for you
now. (begins to move) She's dancing. Dancing with death.

Spike: Big deal. He won't do anything. Our man Angel here likes to talk
but he's not much for action. All hat and no cattle.

Angelus: (grabs Dru's waist) I don't know about that. (turns her
around) I think this whole Slayer thing has run its course. (crouches
down by her) I'm ready to focus my energy elsewhere.

Spike: Really?

Angelus: Oh, yeah! What, with you being Special Needs Boy, I figure I
should stick close to home. (walks his fingers up Dru's thigh and waist)
You and Dru can always use another pair of hands.

Drusilla coos with delight. Angelus chuckles maniacally. Spike looks at
the two of them angrily.

Cut to the hall outside of the school library. Willow walks along and
slows down to look down the other hall before continuing. Behind her
Giles opens the door, and she screams out in fright. He startles and
yells out, too.

Giles: God, Willow, what are you doing here? You're not supposed to be

Willow: Me? What about you?

Giles: I'm, uh, I'm, I'm trying to, uh... (puts on his glasses) I think
I-I may be close to, uh, contacting Jenny.

Willow gives him an understanding look. He starts to go back into the
library, but turns back.

Giles: What's that smell?

Willow: It's my scapula.

Giles: Ah, right, of course. Did you use sulfur?

Willow: Yeah.

Giles: That's clever. Uh, well, uh, run along then. Th-there may be
some, uh, paranormal ph-phenomena if I contact her. Y-y-you don't want
to be in the line of fire.

He goes back in, and the door swings shut behind him.

Willow: Okay. 'Night.

Cut to a girls' bathroom. Cordelia comes in with her candle and
flashlight and looks around. The place is deserted. She sees her
reflection in the mirror with a bandage on her cheek. She walks over to
it and sets the candle down on the shelf. She pulls off the bandage and
winces at the pain. Leaning toward the mirror she inspects the twin fang
marks on her cheek.

Cut to the hall. Buffy walks along and hears the song "I Only Have Eyes
For You", by The Flamingos, playing somewhere. Down another hall she can
see shadows in a bright light dancing against a wall.

Lyrics: My love must be a kind of blind love

She walks toward the sound and through a pair of doors.

Lyrics: I can't see anyone but you

Beyond them is another set of doors to the music room. A Class of '55
Sadie Hawkins Dance flyer is taped to one of the door windows. She steps
over to the other door and looks in. There she sees James and Grace
dancing slowly to the music.

Cut to the cafeteria. There are still a few snakes there. Xander comes
in and looks around.

Xander: Oh, yeah, baby, it's snakalicious in here.

Cut to the landing up the stairs from the student lounge. Willow steps
up to it and looks around nervously.

Cut to Buffy watching James and Grace slowly turn as they dance.

Lyrics: The moon may be high / but I can't see a thing in the sky

When James turns into view again Buffy sees that his face is all rotted.

Lyrics: 'Cause I only have eyes for you

Buffy stares back in open-mouthed shock. James and Grace are suddenly

Cut to the girls' bathroom. Cordelia digs in her purse for some makeup.
When she looks back up and is about to put some on, the side of her face
with the snakebite suddenly becomes rotten. She screams at the top of
her lungs.

Cut to the landing. Willow sets her candle down on the floor. Below her
the floor suddenly starts to swirl, and a green demonic hand reaches up
and grabs her, pulling her down. She screams for all she's worth, and
grabs the stair railing to keep from being pulled in.

Willow: (screams) GILES!

He hears her screams and comes running.

Giles: WILLOW!


The pull is too strong, and she loses her grip on the railing.


He comes running into the lounge area.


He turns and sees her sinking into the floor. He scrambles up the stairs
to her aid.


He grabs her arms and starts to pull. She screams again as the pit
continues to try to suck her in. Giles lets out a grunt and manages to
slowly lift her out. When she's free of the pit she suddenly snaps into
his arms, and they both go rolling down the stairs.

Cut to the balcony. Buffy puts her scapula around her neck and pulls her
hair out of the back. Suddenly she senses something and stares off into
space. She has a vision of Ms. Newman running out of the hall onto the
balcony being chased by James with his gun.

James: Stop!

Cut to Ms. Newman facing James.

Ms. Newman: Just calm down.

Cut to James shaking the gun at her. It goes off. Cut to Ms. Newman
clutching her chest over the bullet wound. She pulls her hand away and
looks at the blood. Cut to Buffy for just an instant. Cut to James
walking into the music room. Cut to him putting on a record. Cut to him
crying. Cut to him raising the gun to his head. Cut to him crying again
as he pulls the trigger. Cut to Buffy on the balcony. James comes up to
her with a rotted face and grabs her by the arms.

James: Get out!

The vision of him fades quickly, and she takes a few steps back.

Cut to the girls' bathroom. Cordelia is panting with fear, covering her
face with her hands. She looks into the mirror again and sees that her
face is suddenly normal again. She pulls her hands away, takes a closer
look and begins to calm down a bit.

Cut to the lounge. Giles gets up and goes up a few steps to make sure
that the pit is gone. He comes back down to Willow.

Giles: Are you all right?

Willow: (still frightened) Giles, (shakes her head) Jenny could never
be this mean.

Giles: (glances up at the landing) I know. (sits) It's, it's not her,
is it?

Willow: I'm sorry.

The town clock begins to strike midnight.

Willow: Oh, God. Oh.

She scrambles back up to the landing to light the candle. He follows.

Giles: Careful up here!

Cut to the girls' bathroom. Cordelia is nervous but ready with her
candle and lighter.

Cut to the balcony. Buffy strikes a match and lights her candle.

Cut to the landing. Willow struggles with her lighter. The flame won't
ignite. Giles crouches down, takes it from her and lights the candle.

Willow: I shall confront and expel all evil.

Cut to the girls' bathroom. Cordelia lights her candle.

Cordelia: I shall *totally* confront and expel all evil.

Cut to the cafeteria. Xander sits on a table with his lit candle before
him. He has his legs crossed, hands folded and eyes closed as if in

Xander: Out of marrow and bone...

Cut to the balcony. Buffy lights her candle.

Buffy: Out of house and home... never to come here again.

Cut to the landing. Giles and Willow look around. Nothing is happening.
Cut to the cafeteria. Xander opens his eyes. Nothing happens there
either. Cut to the bathroom. Cordelia looks around also. All seems
quiet. Cut to the balcony. Buffy watches as a breeze blows out her
candle. She looks in the direction of the gust. Cut to the landing. The
candle there has been blown out, too. Giles and Willow exchange a look.
Cut to the cafeteria. Xander's candle is out also. He looks around
nervously. Cut to the girls' bathroom. Cordelia watches the smoke drift
from the glowing wick. Cut to the lounge. Giles and Willow come down the
stairs and look down the hall. They hear a faint buzzing. It steadily
gets louder. At the far end of the hall they see a dark swarm of wasps
coming toward them.

Giles: Oh, my God!

They both break into a dead run. As they round a corner Buffy and
Cordelia join them from another hall.

Giles: You all right?

Xander comes running out of the cafeteria and keeps pace. They reach the
far end of the hall where the doors are jammed shut.

Buffy: Get back!

Giles backs off, and Buffy kicks the door open, shattering the glass.
They all immediately run out. The wasps are right behind them. When they
reach the street Xander looks back and stops.

Xander: Check it.

They all stop and turn to look as well.

Xander: I'd say school's out for good.

They all stare in amazement. Giles takes off his glasses. The wasps have
arranged themselves in a wall around the school so that nothing can get
in or out.

Cut to the living room at Buffy's house. She leans against the wall.
Giles and the others are seated around the coffee table. He pours some
tea for himself. There is also a pot of coffee for the others.

Giles: The good news is none of you girls were shot. Well, we've
established, based on all the parallels and-and-and Buffy's visions,
that it's James' spirit.

Willow: So what do we do, Giles? About James.

Giles: Well, he's obviously reliving the night of the Sadie Hawkins
Dance when he killed Ms. Newman. It-it's-it's common enough for a spirit
to do this, to... recreate a, a tragedy.

Cordelia: (munches a cracker) Hey. If Sunnydale High School shuts down
forever, do we automatically graduate?

Xander: (ignores her) But why? What does he want? (thinks again about
Cordelia's question) Actually, that's an interesting point.

Giles: He's, he's trying to... resolve whatever issues are keeping him
in limbo. W-w-what exactly those are, I'm not...

Buffy: (interrupts) He wants forgiveness.

Giles: (leans back) Yes. (gets up) I imagine he does. (goes to her) But
when James possesses people, they act out exactly what happened that
night. So he's experiencing a form of purgatory instead. I mean, he's,
he's doomed to, to kill his Ms. Newman over and over and over again,
and... forgiveness is impossible.

Buffy: Good. He doesn't deserve it.

Giles: To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy. It's, it's not done
because people deserve it. It's done because they need it.

Buffy: No. James destroyed the one person he loved the most in a moment
of blind passion. And that's not something you forgive. No matter why he
did what he did. And no matter if he knows now that it was wrong and
selfish and stupid, it is just something he's gonna have to live with.

Xander: He can't live with it, Buff. He's dead.

She just looks back at them all for a moment, then stalks off into the

Cordelia: Okay. Overidentify much? (munches her cracker)

Cut to the kitchen. Buffy comes in. She has her hands in her pockets and
finds a folded sheet of paper. She pulls it out and unfolds it. It's a
Class of '55 Sadie Hawkins Dance flyer. She puts down the flyer and
hears a faint male voice.

Voice: I need you.

She goes out the kitchen door.

Cut to the living room. Willow gets up from her chair.

Willow: So what do we do next? Do we go in again?

Giles: Well, not now. No, the, uh... the spirit is too angry, too, too
powerful. No, we have to work out exactly how and, and if this thing can
be defeated.

Cut to the school. It is still surrounded by the swarm of wasps. Buffy
walks up to it anyway. The swarm parts to let her in. When she reaches
the doors they open for her, and the swarm closes the gap behind her.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 4 ~~~~~~~~~~

The kitchen at Buffy's house. Willow comes in looking for her.

Willow: Hey, Buffy, are you...

See sees the flyer lying on the island and picks it up.

Willow: Oh, God. Giles! (he comes in) She went back.

Cut to the school. They all stand in front of it looking at the swarm.

Xander: So what now? Not even a mega-vat of Raid's gonna do the trick

Cordelia: I don't get it. Is she trying to be a big loner hero or

Giles: No. I believe she's under the spirit's thrall. He's, he's
calling her.

Cordelia: But why?

Giles: James needs her to re-enact everything that happened on the
night that he, he killed Ms. Newman. He wants to change things, make,
make a happy ending.

Willow: But it can't ever happen! It always ends the same, which means
Buffy just went in there to get shot, Giles.

Giles: Yes. But the school's deserted. There's no way for James to...
to play his part. There's, there's no man inside for him to possess.

Xander: So Buffy should be safe until we find a way to get her out.

Willow: In theory, yeah.

Cut inside the school. Buffy walks idly through the halls. She stops by
the trophy case and turns around. Angelus walks in and blocks the
camera's view.

Angelus: Fun fact about wasps.

Cut to Buffy with her back to Angelus.

Angelus: They have no taste for the undead. Not that a sting would do
me any damage, it's just... tonight's special. I wanted to look my best
for you.

Buffy: (quietly) You're the only one. The only person I can talk to.

Angelus: Gosh, Buff. That's really pathetic.

Buffy: (faces him) You can't make me disappear just because you say
it's over.

Angelus: Actually... (approaches her) I can. In fact... I just want you
to be able to have some kind of normal life. We can never have that,
don't you see?

Buffy: I don't give a *damn* about a normal life! I'm going crazy not
seeing you. I think about you every minute.

He raises his hand to her cheek. Cut to 1955. Grace puts her hand on
James' cheek. He looks down sadly.

Ms. Newman: I know. But it's over. It has to be!

She turns around and starts to leave. He looks up again and starts to
chase after her. Cut to 1998. Buffy chases after Angelus.

Buffy: (angrily) Come back here! We're not finished!

She grabs him by the arm and turns him around to face her.

Buffy: You don't care anymore, is that it?

Angelus: (sobbing) It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what I feel.

Buffy: Then tell me you don't love me!

Cut to 1955.

James: Say it!

Ms. Newman: Is that what you need to hear? Will that help? I don't.

Cut to 1998.

Angelus: I don't. Now let me go. (tries to go)

Buffy: No. A person doesn't just wake up and stop loving somebody!

Cut to 1955. Grace looks at James. He takes a step back, raises a
revolver, pulls the hammer back and aims it at her. Cut to 1998. Angelus
looks at the gun and then at Buffy, frightened.

Buffy: Love is forever. I'm not afraid to use it, I swear! If I can't
be with you...

Angelus: Oh, my God!

He turns around and starts running out of the hall toward the balcony.
Cut to 1955. Grace runs from the hall.


Cut to 1998.

Buffy: ...BITCH!

Angelus runs out of the hall. She runs after him. Cut to 1955. James
runs after Grace. Cut to 1998. Angelus barges through the door out onto
the balcony.

Buffy: Stop it! (comes out the door) Stop it! Don't make me!

He stops next to the balcony railing.

Angelus: (breathing heavily with fear) All right. Just... (turns

Cut to 1955. Grace turns around to face James.

Ms. Newman: You know you don't want to do this. Let's both... just calm
down. Now give me the gun. (holds out her hand)

James: Don't. Don't do that, damn it!

Cut to 1998.

Buffy: Don't talk to me like I'm some stupid...

The gun goes off. Angelus flinches from the wound. Cut outside the
school. Giles and the others hear the gunshot. Willow draws a worried
breath. Cut to the balcony. Angelus has his hand clutched to his chest.
He pulls it away and sees the blood. He looks up at Buffy. She stares
back in open-mouthed shock at what she just did.

Angelus: James.

Cut to 1955. Grace goes into shock from the bullet wound and begins to
fall backward. She tumbles over the balcony railing down to the base of
the stairs below
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