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Becoming, Part 1

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~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue ~~~~~~~~~~

In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against
the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.

A town square in Galway, Ireland, 1753. The camera looks straight down
from above onto the cobblestones. A lone rider on his horse passes
underneath, and the camera follows them past a well as Angelus narrates.

Angelus: There's moments in your life that make you, that set the
course of who you're gonna be. Sometimes they're little, subtle moments.
Sometimes... they're not. I'll show you what I mean.

The horseman continues past a tavern on the far side of the square. The
door opens, and a young drunk Angel and his drunk friend are thrown out.

Angel: (with an Irish accent) We'll be back when we've found a bit more
cash money! Keep the girls warm!

The tavern proprietor slams the door shut, and Angel pounds on it a
couple of times.

Angel's friend: (moans) Let's go.

Angel staggers back over to him and puts his arm around him. They begin
to walk with a definite sway in their step.

Angel: Come on. We'll sneak in and take some of me father's silver.
He'll never miss it. He eats with his hands, the pig.

His friend is too drunk to go on, and faints dead away, falling out of
Angel's arm to the pavement. Angel looks down at him.

Angel: Ah. Why don't you rest right here.

He takes a look around and spots a noble lady in a fancy period dress
standing in an alley beyond an archway. The woman gives a slight
backward glance to be sure she has his attention, and starts to walk
further into the alley, disappearing around a corner from Angel's view.
He follows her.

Cut to the alley. The woman continues her slow pace and looks up when
Angel comes through the archway and begins to speak. As she gets closer
to the camera it becomes clear that the woman is Darla. Her long curly
blonde hair is very nicely coiffed.

Angel: So, I'd ask myself... What's a lady of your station doing alone
in an alley with the reputation that this one has?

Darla: (still facing away) Maybe she's lonely.

Angel: In that case, I'd offer myself as escort to protect you from
harm and to while away the dull hours.

Darla: You're very gracious.

Angel: Hm. It's often been said.

Darla: (turns to face him) Are you certain you're up to the challenge?

Angel: (approaches her) Milady, you'll find that with the exception of
an honest day's work, there's no challenge I'm not prepared to face.

He stops in front of her and looks into her eyes.

Angel: Oh... But you're a pretty thing. Where are you from?

Darla: (smiles) Around. Everywhere.

Angel: I never been anywhere myself. Always wanted to see the world,

Darla: I could show you. (smiles)

Angel: Could you, then?

Darla: Things you've never seen, never even heard of.

Angel: Sounds exciting.

Darla: It is. And frightening.

Angel: I'm not afraid. Show me. Show me your world.

Darla: (closes her eyes) Close your eyes.

Angel follows her example. The camera follows her hand as she puts it on
his shoulder, and continues up to show her face vamped out. She smiles,
lets out a low growl and opens wide as she leans in to bite him. When he
feels the pain his eyes open wide, and he gasps. He can't keep steady,
and sinks to his knees. Darla lets go of her bite, revealing his bloody
neck, and stands up straight. She lifts her hand to her chest and draws
a sharp fingernail across the skin above her breasts, allowing blood to
trickle out. She grabs him by the back of the neck and pulls him in to
her bosom so that his lips fall directly onto the cut, forcing him to
taste of her blood. He puts his arms around her and drinks.

Cut to the cemetery in Sunnydale, 1998. Angelus walks through carefully
and quietly while watching Buffy fight a pair of vampires nearby. He
sees her kick one and then the other, and then continues on to a better
vantage point. One of the vampires rushes Buffy, and she flips him over
onto his back.

Buffy: Nice try.

The other one comes at her again with a swing. She ducks it and punches
him in the face, in the gut and again in the face. He falls to the
ground, dazed. The first one comes at her again with a kick, but she
blocks it with her arm, backhand punches him in the face, jabs him in
the gut and grabs his arm, twisting it up high and forcing him to his
knees in pain. Angelus looks on from behind a tree and smiles. The
second vampire gets back up and rushes her. Without letting go of the
first one she cleanly jams her stake into the other one's chest, and he
crumbles into ashes. Angelus can't help but snicker. Buffy turns her
attention back to the one she's holding and punches him in the face,
making him roll away.

Buffy: I want you to get a message to Angel for me. Tell him I'm done
waiting. I'm taking the fight to him.

Angelus smiles as he listens.

Buffy: You got that? Need me to write it down for you?

The vampire gets up and charges her. She grabs him and pulls him around
and down to the ground, and immediately plunges her stake home. He
bursts into ashes.

Buffy: Alright, I'll tell him myself.

She gets up and walks over behind a gravestone, where she reaches down
to help someone up.

Xander: (moans) I'm good. Don't worry about me. (rubs his neck)

Buffy: You know, you don't have to patrol with me.

Xander: (indicates the pile of ash) I had that guy under control until
he resorted to fisticuffs. (cranes his neck) Oh! What is that, um...
five vampires in three nights?

Buffy: Yep. But no Angel.

Xander: Are you, uh, really that anxious to come up against him?

Buffy: I want it over with.

Xander: (nods) I hear that.

Buffy: Oh, we better go. (exhales) I haven't even started studying for
finals yet. (starts to go)

Xander: (joins her) Oh, yeah, finals! Why didn't you let me die?

Buffy: Ah, look on the bright side. It'll all be over soon.

They leave the cemetery under the watchful eyes of Angelus.

Angelus: Yes, my love. It will.

He smirks and turns to leave the other way.

Opening credits roll. Buffy's theme plays.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

The research lab at the Sunnydale Museum of Natural History. The camera
pans across a large rectangular chunk of rock over to a technician. She
is carefully cleaning off a section of the rock. She lets a jet of
compressed air blow away some dust. A moment later she lets another jet
go, and then reaches up with a brush and runs it across the rock. Dr.
Doug Perren, one of the museum curators, comes over to check her

Doug: Careful, now. (points) Concentrate in this area. (watches her
work a moment) There you go.

The door opens behind him, and he turns to see Giles come in.

Giles: Hello?

Doug: (comes to greet him) Rupert Giles?

Giles: Yes.

Doug: Doug Perren. (shakes his hand) Thanks for coming.

Giles: Oh, not at all. It's... flattered to be asked.

Doug: I spoke with Lou Tabor at the Washington Institute, and he told
me we had the best authority on obscure relics right here in Sunnydale.

Giles: Oh... (laughs) He may have, uh, exaggerated a little. (sees the
obelisk) Ah, is this the...

Doug: This is our baby. (they approach it) Construction workers dug it
up outside of town. Don't have a clue what it is. Any ideas?

Giles: (touches and looks at the rock) A few. None I'd care to share
until I can verify. (notices the runes on it) You have, uh, carbon dated
it? (inspects the writings)

Doug: The results'll be back in a couple of days. I'll go out on a limb
and say old.

Giles: (smirks) Um, yes, it, it certainly... (picks up a jar and a
scraper) predates any, uh... settlements we've read about. (points) Um,
may, may I?

Doug: Yeah. Sure.

Giles leans in and begins to scrape at the corner of the obelisk,
catching the debris in the jar. He digs into an apparent groove. A few
scrapes later he stops and taps the scraper clean on the jar.

Giles: I assume you've, uh, you haven't tried to open it.

Doug: Open it?

He leans over to see what Giles has discovered.

Doug: Ah, I'll be damned. I figured it was solid. What do you think is
in there?

Giles: (staring intently) I don't know.

Doug: Well... I guess we won't know until we open it up.

Giles: (considers) Yes, but could I ask, um... would you wait? I, uh...
I'd like to work on translating the text. It-it-it might give us an
indication of... what we'll find inside.

Doug: You don't want to be surprised?

Giles: A-as a rule, no.

Doug: Alright. You're the expert. But I'm pretty damn curious, though.

Giles: (removes his glasses) Yes. Yes, so am I.

Cut to the cafeteria at Sunnydale High. The camera focuses on two fish
sticks that Xander is holding, one with a toothpick stuck through the
middle. He plays with them like puppets, moving the one with the
toothpick around.

Xander: Tell Angel I'm gonna kill him! No, wait. I'm gonna kill you!

He starts to repeatedly stab the toothpick into the other fish stick.
The camera pulls back and up to his face.

Xander: Die! Die! Die!

He makes an anguished face and lets the fish stick fall.

Xander: Aah! (makes a thudding noise) (squeals) Mother! (smiles)

Cordelia: Is that it?

Xander: Yeah. That's it. (chuckles) Scene! (grins)

Cut to Willow, Oz and Buffy at the opposite side of the table. Willow is
sitting on Oz's lap.

Buffy: That's exactly how it happened.

Oz: Well, I thought it was riveting. Uh, I was a little unclear about
some of the themes.

Buffy: The theme is Angel's too much of a coward to take me on face-to-

Xander: (still playing with the fish sticks) And the other theme was
'Buy American', but it, uh, got kind of buried.

Willow: (to Buffy) Do you think you're ready to fight Angel?

Buffy: I wish people would stop asking me that. Yes, I'm ready. I'm
also willing and able. Just the one test I might actually pass.

Willow: Don't say that! You're gonna pass everything. I will get you
through this semester if I have to sweat blood.

Xander: Do you think you're likely to? 'Cause I'd like to be elsewhere.

Willow: It was only metaphor blood.

Oz: I think you'd sweat cute blood.

Willow: (gives Oz a smile) (to Buffy) Sixth period, after my computer
class, we'll rock on chemistry.

Buffy: Ready to rock.

Cordelia: Boy, Willow, you've really got the teaching bug: taking over
computer class, tutoring...

Willow: (smiles widely) I love it. I really do.

Cordelia: I think it's great to do that before you go out and fail in
the real world. That way you're not falling back on something. You're
falling... well, forward.

Xander: (rolls his eyes) And almost sixty-five percent of that was
actual compliment. Is that a personal best?

Cordelia: Gee, Xander, what are you gonna teach when you fail in life?
Advanced loser-being?

Xander: I will teach... (with a French accent) zee Language of Love!
(reaches for her)

Cordelia: (fights him off) Don't touch me! You have fish hands!

Snyder comes into the cafeteria behind them.

Xander: Come, let me caress you!

Cordelia: Stop it!

Xander: Let me in!

Cordelia: No! (laughs) Don't!

Snyder: That's enough of that. (to Willow) And you! Are we having a
chair shortage?

Willow: I didn't read anything about... Oh. (slides off of Oz's lap and
into her chair) I get it.

Snyder: These public displays of affection are not acceptable in my
school. This isn't an orgy, people. It's a classroom.

Buffy: Yeah! Where they teach lunch.

Snyder: (glares at her) Just give me a reason to kick you out, Summers.
Just give me a reason. (walks off)

Cordelia: How about because you're a tiny, impotent Nazi with a bug up
his butt the size of an emu?

Buffy: Sums it up.

Cordelia: Don't you think?

Willow: (smiles) (to Buffy) Do you wanna come by my house tonight and
study, too?

Buffy: Maybe. I-I do have to patrol.

Willow: Again? Do you really expect Angel to turn up tonight?

Buffy: No, I don't expect him to. But that's usually when he does.

Cut to an abbey in London, 1860. Cut inside the nave. Monks are
chanting. Drusilla walks behind the pews toward the confession booths.
Before going in she faces the altar, kneels and crosses herself. She
looks up briefly before getting back to her feet and going into one of
the booths. As she steps in through the curtain an arm juts out of the
adjacent one where the priest waits, and muffled noises and struggling
can be heard. The arm gets pulled back in as quickly as it appeared. Cut
inside the confessional. Drusilla sits down and pulls the scarf from her

Drusilla: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

In the next booth Angelus is caught by surprise, and drops the dead

Drusilla: It's been two days since my last confession. (waits for an
answer) Father?

Angelus: (goes along with it) That's not very long.

Drusilla: (with a trembling voice) Oh, Father, I'm so afraid.

Angelus: The Lord is very forgiving. Tell me your sins.

Drusilla: I had... (breathes deeply) I've been seeing again, Father.
Yesterday, the men were going to work in the mine. I had... (shakes) a
terrible fright. (draws a frightened breath) My stomach all (draws
another) tied up, and I saw this horrible... crash. (calms a bit) My
mummy said to keep my peace, it didn't mean nothing. But this morning...
they had a cave-in. Two men died.

Angelus: Go on.

Drusilla: Me mum says... I'm cursed. (exhales) My seeing things is an
affront to the Lord, (inhales sharply) that only he's supposed to see
anything before it happens. (inhales, sobs) But I don't mean to, Father,
I swear! (inhales) I swear! (begins to cry) I try to be pure in his
sight. (sobs) I don't want to be an evil thing.

Angelus: Oh, hush, child. The Lord has a plan for all creatures. Even a
Devil child like you.

Drusilla: (taken aback) A Devil?

Angelus: Yes! You're a spawn of Satan. All the Hail Marys in the world
aren't going to help. The Lord will use you and smite you down. He's
like that.

Drusilla: (frightened) What can I do?

Angelus: Fulfill his plan, child. Be evil. Just give in.

Drusilla: No! (sobs) I want to be good. (sobs) I want to be pure.

Angelus: We all do, at first. The world doesn't work that way.

Drusilla: Father... I beg you... Please... Please, help me.

Angelus: Very well. Ten Our Fathers and an Act of Contrition. Does that
sound good?

Drusilla: (relieved) Yes. (exhales) Yes, Father. Thank you.

Angelus: The pleasure was mine. And my child... (raises his hand to the
lattice between them)

Drusilla: Yes?

Angelus: (stares at her) God is watching you.

Cut to the atrium at Angelus' mansion, 1998. Drusilla comes down the
stairs to the garden below. There Spike sits in his wheelchair and reads
the newspaper.

Spike: Nice walk, pet?

Drusilla: (holds her tummy as though sick) I met an old man. Didn't
like him. He got stuck in my teeth. (licks her fingers) (faces Spike)
But then the Moon started whispering to me... (closes her eyes and leans
her head back) All sorts of dreadful things.

Angelus walks into the Garden behind Spike.

Angelus: Well, what did it say?

Spike: Oh. Look who's awake.

Angelus bumps Spike's head with his fist as he walks past him.

Angelus: What did the Moon tell you? (walks around Dru) Did you have a
vision? Is something coming?

Drusilla: Oh, yeah. (whispers) Something terrible. Psst, psst, psst,
psst, psst, psst...

Angelus: Where?

Drusilla: At the museum. A tomb... (smiles) with a surprise inside.

Angelus: (holds his hand up to her head) You can see all that in your

Spike: No, you ninny. She read it in the morning paper. (hands over the

Angelus: (takes the paper and looks) Oh, my.

The headline of the Sunnydale Press reads 'Mysterious Obelisk
Unearthed'. The article's subtitle reads 'Excavators Discover Ancient

Drusilla: That's what's been whispering to me. Sh.

Angelus: Oh, yeah. (to Drusilla) Don't worry, though. Soon it'll stop.
(to Spike) Soon it'll scream.

He smiles over at Spike. Drusilla waves her head around open-mouthed and
playfully snaps at Angelus' cheek.

Cut to the computer science classroom after school. Willow is tutoring
Buffy in chemistry. Buffy gives up in frustration and slaps down her

Buffy: Waah! This doesn't make any sense. (pouts at Willow)

Willow: Well, sure it does. See... (takes the paper and looks) Oh, no,
this doesn't make any sense.

Buffy: (shrugs) It's senseless. (plays with her pencil)

Willow: (encouragingly) It is, but at least you know that, so you're
learning. (looks at the problem more closely)

Buffy: Yay me. Well, it doesn't matter anyway. I mean, when in the real
world am I ever gonna need chemistry or history or math or the English

Willow: (shoots Buffy a glance) Okay. I see your problem.

Buffy: I'm a moron?

Willow: (gives Buffy a look) Will you stop that? You're not stupid!
You've just had a lot on your mind. You can learn this real easily, but
if you're just gonna give up, then don't waste my time.

Buffy: (impressed) Wow. You really *are* a good teacher. (smiles)

Willow: Okay. Look at this. A covalent bond, which means these two
atoms are linked by this...

Buffy puts her pencil down on her open book, and it rolls off of the
desk and into the space between it and the filing cabinet next to it.

Buffy: Ohh! (moans) Hold that thought.

She reaches down and in with her fingers, and pulls the pencil out. In
the process she bumps the disk with the pencil so it now leans against
the desk instead of the cabinet.

Buffy: (sits back up) Okay. I'm Learn Girl.

Willow: Okay. (points to the paper) So, see here...

Buffy: (has an epiphany) Deja vu.

Willow: Really?

Buffy: Yeah. I have this perfect memory of the pencil and...

She drops the pencil onto her book again. It rolls off of the desk
again, falls and hits the disk. She looks over into the space and sees
the disk. She reaches down again for it and her pencil.

Buffy: Oh, hey. (pulls up the disk and pencil) You dropped this.

She hands the unlabeled yellow disk to Willow, who looks at it

Willow: It's not mine. It might be something of Ms. Calendar's.

She inserts the disk into her laptop's floppy drive.

Buffy: This feels kinda morbid.

Willow: (smiles at Buffy) I've gone through most of her files already.

Buffy: Does that make it *less* morbid or you *really* morbid?

The program on the disk starts up, and the Rumanian text scrolls into
the left-hand window.

Willow: (sighs) I had to, to teach her class.

The translation program's percent complete window appears, and the bar
begins to zip across the screen.

Buffy: Relax, Will. I was making with the funny.

They both watch as the bar reaches the far side. It disappears, and the
English translation scrolls into the right-hand window.

Buffy: (looks closely) Does that say 'restoration'? (keeps reading)

Willow: It's one of her spells, I think. (looks at Buffy) Ms. Calendar
wasn't a practicing witch, but she did dabble...

Buffy: (interrupts) Willow... (keeps reading)

Willow looks back at the screen and begins reading more. She quickly
realizes what they've found.

Willow: Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

The camera closes in on Buffy. She has stopped reading, and just looks

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~

A wood in Rumania, 1898. Angelus runs through the trees, panting in his
desperation to reach a gypsy camp. Cut to the camp. The camera pans
across the dead body of the young Kalderash Gypsy girl that Angelus has
recently killed. She is on a table dressed in white and lying on an
intricately patterned quilt with candles burning around the perimeter.
Members of the clan are laying rose petals on her. The camera continues
to pan over to the Elder Woman sitting beneath a tent canopy and
chanting over an Orb of Thesulah surrounded by candles within a sacred
circle. Angelus continues running through the woods as she chants.

Elder Woman: Nici mort, nici de-al fiintei, Te invoc, spirit al
trecerii. Reda trupului ce separa omul de animal!

Translation: Neither dead, nor of the living, I invoke you, spirit of
the passing. Return to the body what distinguishes Man from the beast!

Angelus breaks through the trees into the clearing of the camp. He trips
and falls by the great bonfire raging near the center of the camp.

Elder Woman: Asa sa fie.

Translation: So it shall be.

He gets to his hands and knees and looks over at the Elder Woman, still
chanting. Cut to the Elder Woman.

Elder Woman: Utrespur aceastui.

Translation: Restore this one.

The glowing Orb suddenly gets very bright for an instant, and then goes
dark. Cut to Angelus. His eyes grow bright for a moment, then return to
normal, his soul now restored. An elder man of the clan steps up to him
as he sits back on his ankles.

Gypsy Man: It hurts, yes? Good. It will hurt more.

Angel: (confused) Where am I? (pants hard)

Gypsy Man: You don't remember... everything you've done for a hundred
years. In a moment, you will. The face of everyone you killed... our
daughter's face... they will haunt you, and you will know what true
suffering is.

Angel: (still not understanding) Killed? I, I don't...

Slowly the memories come back to him: all the people in Budapest after
the earthquake that he and Darla killed for their blood; all the people
he's turned into demons; the gypsy girl that proved to be his downfall.

Angel: No...

He looks down away from the man and begins to sob.

Angel: No... No... No...

He bends down to the ground in sorrow and grief.

Cut to the library at Sunnydale High School, 1998. Xander and Cordelia
are sitting at the table. Giles walks up to Buffy and Willow.

Giles: What are you saying?

Buffy: The curse. (holds out a printout) This is it.

Willow: Looks like Ms. Calendar was trying to replicate the original
curse. To restore Angel's soul again.

Giles: (takes the printout, stares at it) She said it couldn't be done.

Buffy: Well, she tried anyway. And it looks like it might have worked.

Xander: So he killed her... before she could tell anyone about it. What
a prince, huh? (looks away)

Cordelia: This is good, right? I mean, we can curse him again.

Buffy paces, thinking.

Giles: Um, well, this, um... certainly points the way, but... the
ritual itself requires a greater knowledge of the black arts than I, I,
I can claim.

Willow: Well, I've been going through her files and, and researching
the black arts, for fun, or educational fun, and I may be able to work

Giles: (very concerned) W-Willow... channeling... such potent magicks
through yourself, it could open a door that you may not be able to

Buffy: I don't want you putting yourself in any danger, Will.

Willow: And I don't want danger. Big 'no' to danger, but I may be the
best person to do this.

Xander: Hi! For those of you who have just tuned in, (gets up) everyone
here is a crazy person. (walks to the end of the table) So this spell
might restore Angel's humanity? Well, here's an interesting angle.
(harshly) Who cares?

Buffy: I care.

Xander: (not surprised) Is that right.

Giles: Let's not lose our perspective here, Xander.

Willow looks at Xander, disbelieving what she's hearing from him.

Xander: (standing his ground) I'm Perspective Guy. Angel's a killer.

Willow: Xander...

Buffy: It's not that simple.

Xander: (disgusted) What? All is forgiven? I can't believe you people!

Cordelia: (gets up) Xander has a point.

Xander: (to Cordelia, in a raised voice) You know, just for once, I
wish you'd support me, and I realize right now that you were, and I'm
embarrassed, so I'm gonna get back to the point, (to the others) which
is that Angel needs to die.

Giles: Curing Angel seems to have been Jenny's last wish.

Xander: Yeah? Well, Jenny's dead.

Giles: (approaches Xander angrily) Don't you *ever* speak of her in
that tone again!

Xander: (yells back) Can't you hear what I'm saying?

They begin to argue heatedly. Buffy rushes over and gets between them.

Buffy: Stop it! Stop it!

They all shut up and glare at each other for a moment. Buffy turns away
and goes over to Willow, very upset. Giles paces away, also very upset.

Willow: (quietly) What do you wanna do?

Buffy: (sighs) (quietly) I-I don't know. What happened to Angel wasn't
his fault.

Xander: Yeah, but what happened to Ms. Calendar is.

Buffy and Willow stare at him in disbelief.

Xander: (very coldly) You can paint this any way you want. But the way
I see it is that you wanna forget all about Ms. Calendar's murder so you
can get your boyfriend back.

Buffy refuses to listen to any more of this, and walks out of the
library. Willow and Giles just stare at Xander in surprise and shock. He
walks back to his chair at the table.

Cut to the museum research lab. Dr. Perren is going over his notes when
he hears some whispering coming from behind him. He turns around to
look, but no one's there.

Doug: Hello?

He gets up and slowly walks over to the obelisk. The whispering gets
louder as he nears it. He reaches up to the runes on the face of the
rock and touches them. The whispering seems to be coming from inside. He
places his hand flat on the face of the rock and stares up at it in
amazement. Suddenly Drusilla wraps her hand around his mouth from behind
and pulls his head back to expose his neck. She leans in and bites him
hard as he struggles to get away. Behind her Angelus and two other
vampires approach the obelisk.

Angelus: I'll have one of these to go.

The two vampires walk around the rock with some rope and tools to haul
it away.

Angelus: Dru...

She jerks her head up from her victim and turns her eyes toward him,
growling and smiling a most evil smile.

Angelus: Save me some.

Cut to Buffy's room at home. She piles a bunch of stakes and crosses
into her bag while talking on the phone with Willow.

Buffy: Well, I'll do a couple of sweeps, and then I'll stop by.
(listens) Yeah, Xander was pretty much being a... Willow! Where did you
learn that word? My God. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

She goes over to her desk while listening to Willow talk some more. She
grabs a couple more stakes from the top left drawer.

Buffy: I don't know. I don't know what I wanna do.

At the bottom of the drawer she sees the claddagh ring that Angel gave
her, and stares at it sadly for a moment. She reaches in for it and
holds it gently with her fingers, remembering.

Buffy: I'll, I'll see you in a little while, okay?

She turns off the phone and sets it down. She holds the ring with both
hands again and gazes at the design: two hands for friendship, a crown
for loyalty and a heart for love.

Cut to the park. Buffy walks through on patrol and heads into some
bushes. She stops and jerks her head aside when she hears something
snap. Slowly she takes a few more steps to investigate. She hears
another sound behind her, and spins around to look. Nothing. Again she
takes a couple of steps. Suddenly Kendra comes out of the bushes to
stand right behind her. Buffy instantly pivots around with her fist held
up, ready to punch. She stays herself when she recognizes the other

Buffy: (exhales) You know, polite people call before they jump out of
the bushes and attack you.

Kendra: (in her accent) Just wanted to test your reflexes.

Buffy: How about testing my face-punching? 'Cause I think you'll find
it's improved.

Kendra: I was on my way to your house. Saw you walking. Couldn't help

Buffy: (smiles) Which begs the question, and don't think I'm not glad
to see you, but, why are you here? (Kendra starts to answer) Oh, wait.
No, let me guess. Your watcher informed you (imitating her accent) dat a
very dark power is about to rise in Sunnydale.

Kendra: Dat's about it.

Buffy: Great. So, you have any idea what this dark power is?

Cut to the main hall in Angelus' mansion. He and Drusilla walk in across
the marble floor to where Spike is sitting in his wheelchair, staring at
the obelisk set in front of the huge fireplace.

Spike: (hears them coming) It's a big rock. I can't wait to tell my
friends. They don't have a rock this big.

Angelus: Spike, boy, you never did learn your history.

Spike: Let's have a lesson, then.

Angelus: Acathla the demon came forth to swallow the world. (strolls to
the obelisk) He was killed by a virtuous knight who pierced the demon's
heart before he could draw a breath to perform the act. Acathla turned
to stone, as demons sometimes do, and was buried (turns to face Spike)
where neither man nor demon would want to look. (starts away from the
obelisk) Unless of course they're putting up low-rent housing. Boys...

The two vampires reach up with crowbars and pry open the tomb. The lid
crashes to the floor, stirring up plenty of dust. Inside is a tall,
horned, stockily built stone demon with a sword protruding from the
right side of its chest. Upon seeing him Drusilla closes her eyes,
raises her hands to the sides of her head and begins to sway it back and

Drusilla: He fills my head. I can't hear anything else.

Spike: Let me guess. Someone pulls out the sword...

Angelus: Someone worthy...

Spike: Mm. The demon wakes up, and wackiness ensues.

Drusilla: (opens her eyes, lowers her arms) He will swallow the world.

Angelus: And every creature living on this planet will go to Hell.

He walks up to Acathla for a closer look, and turns to face the others.

Angelus: My friends... we're about to make history... end. (smiles

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 3 ~~~~~~~~~~

The library. Giles comes out of his office into the main room where
Buffy and Kendra are waiting at the table. Willow is behind the counter,
researching in a book.

Giles: I've been on the phone to the museum. The artifact in question
is missing, and the curator has been murdered. Vampires. (leans on the

Buffy: And you're sure this was the tomb of Alfalfa?

Giles: Acathla. And yes, the information provided by Kendra's Watcher
seems conclusive.

He straightens back up. Willow walks out from behind the counter.

Willow: Okay, somebody explain the whole 'he will suck the world into
Hell' thing, because that's the part I'm not loving.

Giles: Well, the, uh, (puts on his glasses) the Demon Universe exists
in a dimension separate from our own. (sits on the table) With one
breath, Acathla will create a vortex, a-a kind of, um... whirlpool that
will pull everything on Earth into that dimension, where any non-demon
life will suffer horrible and... eternal torment.

Buffy: So that would be the literal kind of 'sucked into Hell'. (smiles
nervously) Neat. (frowns, turns to Willow) Willow, I think you should
try the curse.

Kendra: I tend to side with your friend Xander on this one. Angel
should be eliminated.

Buffy: Oh, I'll fight him. I'll kill him if I have to. But if I don't
get there in time, or if I lose, then Willow might be our only hope.

Willow: (taken aback) I don't *wanna* be our only hope! Uh, I crumble
under pressure! Let's have another hope.

Kendra: We have. (pulls a sword from her bag) Blessed by the knight who
first slew the demon. (Giles looks at the sword, intrigued) If all else
fails, this might stop it. I tink.

Giles: (approaches) Ooh. May I? May I? (takes the sword from Kendra)
Thank you. Well, l-let's, uh, hope all else doesn't fail. (to Willow)
Um, how close are you to f-figuring out the ritual of the curse?

Willow: (goes to her pack) I need about a day, and... (picks up some
papers and reads) an 'Orb of Thesulah'? Whatever that is.

Giles: (hands the sword back to Kendra) Spirit vault for rituals of the
undead. (heads toward his office) I've got one. (embarrassed) I-I've
been using it as a... paperweight. (disappears into his office)

Willow: (to Buffy) This means I can't help you study for tomorrow's

Buffy: Ah, I'll wing it. Of course, if we go to Hell by then, I won't
have to take 'em. (worried) Or maybe I'll be taking them forever.

Giles: (comes back with the Orb) Angel has a ritual of his own to
perform before he can remove the sword and awaken Acathla. With any
luck, it should take some time.

Buffy stares at the Orb as Giles hands it to Willow.

Cut to Angelus' mansion. Spike paces in his room. He hears Drusilla

Drusilla: Spike?

He quickly gets back into his chair. Drusilla comes through the curtain
into the room.

Drusilla: Spike, my sweet! The fun's about to begin.

He wheels himself out of the room and heads for the main hall.

Cut to the main hall before the obelisk. The two vampires drag in a
young man, barefoot and bare-chested with his hands tied behind his
back. They drop him to the floor before Spike, Angelus and Drusilla.

Angelus: (comes toward the young man) I will drink... the blood will
wash in me, over me, and I will be cleansed. I will be worthy to free
Acathla. (looks at Spike) Bear witness... (looks at Drusilla) as I
ascend... (looks ahead and morphs into his game face) as I become.

He grabs the man by the hair and lifts him up, holding his head at an
angle to expose his neck. He roars and bites the young man hard and fast
on the neck. He drinks deeply, brings up his hand to brush it against
the man's wound and then lets him fall to the floor dead. He looks at
the blood on his hand. He lowers it and starts to walk slowly toward

Angelus: Everything that I am, everything that I have done, has led me

Cut to Manhattan, 1996. A bum steps up to a trashcan and begins to go
through it. A man walks past him and on down the street. Having found
nothing, the bum makes his way into an alley with slow, labored steps. A
boy runs past him with a package and disappears further down the alley.
The bum, tired and weak, staggers into a concrete post at the side of
the alley and stops. He coughs and rolls around to lean with his back
against the post, and it's Angel, tired, filthy and unkempt. He just
breathes for a moment, and then smells something. He searches the alley
with his eyes and spots a rat scampering across to the other side. He
takes a couple of unsteady steps, brushes the hair from his face and
begins to stalk the rat. It reaches the other side and disappears into a
pile of trashcans and bags. Angel dives after it, scattering the cans
and bags noisily, but loses the rat. A man comes into the alley behind
him. Angel rolls over to sit and flails his arms at the trashcans in
anger over missing the rat. The man comes up to him.

Whistler: God, are you disgusting.

Angel calms down a bit and looks around himself.

Whistler: This is really an unforgettable smell. This is the stench of
death you're giving off here. And the look says, uh... Crazy Homeless
Guy. It's not good.

Angel: (angrily) Get away from me.

Whistler: What are you gonna do, bite me? (gasps and jumps back)
Horrors! A vampire!

Angel looks at him in surprise.

Whistler: Ah, but you wouldn't bite me on account of your poor,
tortured soul. It's so sad, a vampire with a soul. It's so poignant.

Angel: (confused) Who are you?

Whistler: Let's take a walk.

Cut to a ways down the street. The two of them walk along the sidewalk
for a few paces and then turn into the street to cross to the hotdog
stand on the other side. Angel isn't paying any attention to the
traffic, so Whistler grabs his arm to stop him.

Whistler: What are you eating? (they continue across) Like, a rat once
a month?

Angel strays and almost walks into another car. Whistler grabs him again
and pulls him back in time.

Whistler: Hey! (car honks, they continue) Look, you're skin and bones
here! Butcher shops are throwing away more blood in a day than you could
stand. Good blood. (they reach the far side) You lived in the world a
little bit, you'd know that.

Angel: I wanna know who you are. (stops)

Whistler: (stops and faces him) And I wanna know who *you* are.

Angel: You already do.

Whistler: Not yet. But I'm looking to find out. 'Cause you could go
either way here.

Angel: I don't understand you.

Whistler: Nobody understands me. That's my curse. (chuckles)

He steps over to the street vendor and pulls out some cash.

Whistler: Dog me. Mustard.

He watches the vendor get out the hotdog and squirt on some mustard.

Whistler: (to Angel) My name's Whistler.

Vendor: Here you go.

Whistler: (takes the dog) Thanks. (hands over a bill, turns to Angel)
Anyway, lately it is. (takes a bite) Mm.

Angel: (looks down) You're not a vampire.

Whistler: A demon... technically. I mean, I'm not a bad guy. Not all
demons are dedicated to the destruction of all life.

Angel: (looks at him) Whadaya mean, I can go either way?

Whistler: I mean that you can become an even more useless rodent than
you already are, or you can become someone. A person. Someone to be

Angel: I just wanna be left alone. (starts away)

Whistler: Well, yeah, you've been left alone for, what, ninety years
already. (Angel turns back) And what a package you are. The Stink Guy!

Angel: What do you want from me?

Whistler: I want you to see something.

He gives Angel an intense look. Angel just looks at him.

Whistler: We'd have to leave now. You see, and then you tell me what
you wanna do.

Angel: Where is it?

Cut to Hemery High School in Los Angeles, 1996. School is over for the
day, and the students come streaming out. An old, rusted Chevy Impala
with its windows spray-painted black pulls up on the far side of the
street. The driver's window lowers, and Angel squints out into the
daylight, careful to remain in shadow. He looks over at the building and
sees Buffy come down the steps with three of her friends.

Buffy: So I'm like, 'Dad, do you want me to go to the dance in an
outfit I've already worn? Why do you hate me?'

Girl#1: Is Tyler taking you?

Buffy: Where were you when I got over Tyler? He's of the past. (Angel
watches her) Tyler would have to crawl on his hands and knees to get me
to go to the dance with him. Which, actually, he's supposed to do after
practice, so I'm gonna wait.

Girl#1: Okay. See ya later.

Girl#2: Bye!

Buffy: (waves to Girl#1) Call me!

Girl#1: Okay!

Buffy: (waves to Girl#2) Call me! (waves to Girl#3) Call me!

Girl#3: I will!

Buffy climbs back up a few steps and looks around. She takes off her
jacket and sits down to wait for Tyler. She lays the jacket across her
legs and idly looks around again. A man in a black suit approaches her.
He is her first Watcher, who has finally found her.

Watcher: Buffy Summers?

Buffy: (looks at him) Yeah? (smiles) Hi! (confused) What?

Watcher: I need to speak with you.

Buffy: (worried) You're not from Bullock's, are you? 'Cause I-I meant
to pay for that lipstick.

Watcher: There isn't much time. You must come with me. Your destiny

Buffy: (confused, shakes her head) I don't have a destiny. (nods) I'm
destiny-free, really.

Watcher: (seriously) Yes, you have. You are the Chosen One. You alone
can stop them.

Buffy: Who?

Watcher: The vampires.

Buffy: (considers for a moment) Huh?

Cut to a cemetery. Buffy lands flat on her back.

Buffy: Oof!

A vampire props himself over her, growling menacingly. She is very
frightened, and looks around frantically for what to do. Angel watches
from behind some gravestones. Buffy spots her stake, but can't reach it,
so she just gets her hands underneath the vampire and pushes him off. He
flies off of her and lands hard on his back.

Buffy: Oh, God...

She rolls onto her hands and knees and scrambles on all fours to
retrieve her stake.

Buffy: Oh, God... Oh... Oh, God... Unh!

She grabs the stake and quickly gets to her feet. She looks at it,
unsure of what to do next. The vampire gets up and lunges at her.
Reflexively she grabs him, sidesteps him and sends him flipping over to
the ground again, dazed. She looks at the vampire, amazed by what she
just did. She glances back at the Watcher, down at her stake and then
makes her move to dispatch the vampire. She quickly gets to her knees,
raises the stake above her head and plunges it into him, but gets him in
the gut instead of the chest.

Buffy: Oh! Not the heart!

Angel watches, concerned. Buffy plunges the stake into the vampire
again, and this time hits her mark. An instant later the vampire bursts
into ashes. Buffy is caught by surprise, and she screams and jumps back,
landing on her butt. She just stares at the ashes on the grass in wide-
eyed shock. Behind her the Watcher steps up.

Watcher: You see? You see your power?

Buffy isn't at all sure she wants to see. Angel continues to watch.

Cut to Buffy's house in L.A. The camera looks into her room from
outside. Buffy comes in with her mother close behind.

Joyce: Why didn't you call?

Buffy: (faces her mom) I'm sorry. I-I didn't know it was so late. Tyler
and I were talking.

Joyce: (exhales) That boy is irresponsible.

Buffy: No, mom. It's not his fault. (takes off her jacket)

Joyce: You know we worry, that's all.

They look at each other for a moment, and Joyce shrugs.

Joyce: Dinner's in ten minutes. (leaves)

Buffy: (whispers) Yeah.

She goes through the other door into her bathroom. The camera pans from
the bedroom window over to the bathroom window. She turns on the water
to wash up from the cemetery. Her parents talk in the hall, and she can
hear as it escalates into an argument.

Hank: Did she say where she was?

Joyce: She was with Tyler.

Hank: I don't want her seeing him anymore, period!

Angel looks in at her from outside.

Joyce: You're overreacting, dear.

Buffy looks at herself in the mirror sadly. The tears begin to come.

Hank: Don't do that! Don't talk to me like I'm a kid!

Joyce: I don't! Just forget it!

Angel continues to watch and listen.

Hank: Just because you can't discipline her, I have to be the ogre!

Buffy keeps on staring into the mirror.

Joyce: I am not having this conversation again! Alright?

Buffy looks down and tries hard not to cry.

Cut to the sewers. Angel arrives where Whistler is waiting for him.

Whistler: She's gonna have it tough, that Slayer. She's just a kid. The
world's full of big, bad things.

Angel: I wanna help her. (Whistler looks at him) I want... I wanna
become someone.

Whistler: God, jeez, look at you. She must be prettier than the last
Slayer. (Angel looks away) This isn't gonna be easy. The more you live
in this world, the more you see how apart from it you really are.
(sternly) And this is dangerous work. Right now, you couldn't go three
rounds with a fruit fly!

Angel: (with resolve) I wanna learn from you.

Whistler: Alright.

Angel: But I don't wanna dress like you. (starts to leave)

Whistler: (follows) Again, you're annoying me. You're lucky we need you
on our side.

Cut to Angelus' mansion, 1998. He approaches Acathla, still vamped out.

Angelus: I have strayed, I have been lost. But Acathla redeems me. With
this act, we will be free.

He grabs the hilt of the sword with both hands. A blindingly bright
light emanates from it. Drusilla smiles and bathes herself in it.
Angelus begins to shake with the power of the sword.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 4 ~~~~~~~~~~

In the main hall of Angelus' mansion. He holds onto the sword tightly,
trying to draw it out of Acathla. It won't budge, and a moment later a
bright red flame bursts from the sword, throwing Angelus back and onto
the floor.

Spike: (sing-song) Someone wasn't worthy.

Angelus: (scrambles to his feet) Damn it!

Drusilla: (freaks out) This is so... disappointing! (moans)

Angelus: (paces angrily) There must be something I missed. The
incantations, the blood... I don't know!

Spike tries hard to suppress a snicker, hiding his mouth with his hand.

Drusilla: (whining) What are we going to do?

Angelus: (menacingly) What we always do in a time of trouble: turn to
an old friend.

Hope returns to Drusilla's eyes.

Angelus: (viciously) We'll have our Armageddon. I swear!

He grabs a vase from a shelf and heaves it at the far wall, smashing it
into hundreds of tiny pieces.

Cut to class the next day. Willow, Buffy, Xander, Cordelia and the rest
of the class are taking one of their final exams. Everyone is intent on
it. Buffy looks up and glances around briefly, then turns her attention
back on her paper.

Cut to the hall. There are very few students. A mysterious figure with a
shawl over its head walks slowly toward the room where the team is
taking their test. The camera follows. The few students who pass don't
take any notice.

Cut back to the class. Everyone is concentrating on the test, and no one
notices as the vampire comes in and pulls the shawl away from its face.

Vampire: Tonight... Sundown... (everyone looks up) At the graveyard...

Teacher: (gets up) Excuse me...

Exposed now to the daylight, the vampire begins to smoke.

Vampire: You will come to him. (takes the shawl off) You will come to
him or more will die.

She points at Buffy and ignites. Buffy watches, taken aback by the
vampire's direct approach at delivering her message.

Vampire: Tonight!

The students scream, jump out of their chairs and begin to run from the
room. Cordelia and Xander also jump up, but don't run. Buffy remains
calmly in her seat.

Vampire: His hour is at hand!

She combusts in a flash of flame and smoke. Buffy just stares at the
empty space before her.

Cut to the library. Xander, Cordelia and Willow are researching at the
table. Kendra approaches with her sheathed sword. The camera pulls back
to show Giles and Buffy up on the mezzanine.

Buffy: She said more would die. I have to go.

Kendra: Den I should go wit you.

Buffy: (faces Kendra) No. I need you here just in case. (heads for the
stairs) I can take care of myself. And look, (comes down) as long as
Angel's fighting me, then he can't do this end-of-the-world ritual
thingy, and that's a good. (reaches the table) Will, what do you think?

Willow: (looks over her research) I just want to cross-check...

Buffy: We don't have time. If this is gonna work, it has to work now.

Willow: Okay. Then I need maybe half an hour once we're all set up.

Giles: (looks at the shelves) Which means you just have to hold Angel
off. Don't let him close on you. (pulls out a book) If the curse
succeeds, you'll, you'll know.

He tosses the book down to Xander. Xander checks the title, and hands it
to Willow.

Cordelia: Why don't you just wait here to find out if it worked, see if
he phones you?

Buffy: I can't risk him killing any more people. I better go. (starts

Xander: Be careful.

Buffy: (looks back) I will. (starts out again.)

Kendra: Here...

She grabs a stake from the table. Buffy stops and looks back. Kendra
goes over to her and holds up the twisted but very sharp stake.

Kendra: In case de curse does not succeed, dis is my lucky stake. I
have killed many vampires wit it. I call it Mr. Pointy.

Buffy: You named your stake?

Kendra: (a bit embarrassed) Yes.

Buffy: (smiles) Remind me to get you a stuffed animal.

She accepts the stake from Kendra and looks it over.

Buffy: Thanks.

Kendra: (exhales) Watch your back.

Buffy leaves the library.

Cut to the cemetery. Buffy walks through, watching all around as she
goes. Angelus walks out from behind a small mausoleum.

Angelus: Hello, lover. I wasn't sure you'd come.

Buffy: After your immolation-o-gram? Come on, I had to show.
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