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~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue ~~~~~~~~~~

The Bronze. People are coming and going. Cut inside. It's especially
crowded tonight. Dingoes Ate My Baby (Four Star Mary) are on stage
finishing the last song of their set, "Run".

Lyrics: If I could walk out

Oz looks out into the crowd, a smile for Willow on his face. She is
sitting at a table with Xander and Cordelia. They have to share it with
some other people, it's so crowded.

Lyrics: You know I'd never lie

The song ends with Oz's last chord understated and fading. The crowd
begins to applaud and cheer as Devon takes his bows. Oz lifts his guitar
from his shoulder, leans the instrument against the back wall of the
stage and heads down the stairs at the side of the stage to join the
gang at their table.

Willow: (smiles) Oz! Hey! Have a seat... Except, we don't have any

Oz: It's okay. I'll just scrunch in.

Willow nudges over a bit with her stool to make room for Oz at the
table, and bumps into Xander. She gives him a nervous look. Xander
hurriedly scoots over a bit as well, nudging up hard against Cordelia.

Cordelia: Xander, why are you giving me a lap dance?

Xander: (smiles weakly and strokes her arm) What? I just like you.

Cordelia pulls her arm away from him and squirms around a bit to get
comfortable again.

Willow: (stammers, smiling nervously) And that's very beautiful. I
think it's great when two people like two people and want to be close to
them instead of anyone else.

Oz smiles to himself, enjoying it as always whenever Willow does that
cute stammering thing.

Xander: (also nervous) Here, here!

Oz: Yeah. Well put. (points at a cup) Hey, can I snag a sip?

Willow: Sure. (reaches for her cup)

Xander: (reaches also) Yeah, you got it.

Their hands touch as they both reach for her cup. They look at each
other in surprise and instantly jerk back their arms. In doing so they
knock a tray of drinks out of the hand of the waitress standing behind
them. Xander slips off of his stool and tries to catch them, but of
course he's too late, and can only look down at the spilled drinks.
Around him the crowd begins to applaud his graceful maneuver. He goes
with the situation and raises his hands to the crowd in acknowledgment.
Willow, however, is embarrassed.

Xander: Thank you! (turns around) Thank you. (waves) Uh, we're here
through Saturday. Enjoy the veal. (smiles)

Willow is terribly embarrassed now and tries to hide her face. Xander
gets back on his stool. Oz reaches for a cup on his own.

Cordelia: Why are you guys so hyper?

Oz takes a drink from Willow's cup.

Willow: (nervously tries to cover) Hey! Speaking of people and things
they do that aren't like usual, anyone notice Buffy acting sort of

Oz grimaces at the drink and puts the cup back on the table.

Xander: Let's see, uh, killing zombies... uh, torching sewer monsters,
and... No, that's pretty much the, uh, (grins weakly) same old Buffster.

Willow: (concerned) Well, I just mean, you know, she's off by herself a
lot more, and she's kind of... distracted.

Cordelia: (smiles) Think maybe she has a new honey?

Willow: A boyfriend? Why wouldn't she tell us?

Cordelia: Excuse me? When your last steady killed half the class, and
then your rebound guy sends you a dump-o-gram? It makes a girl shy.

Xander: But we're the best of Buffy's bestest buds. She'd tell us.

Buffy: (arrives behind them) Tell you what?

Willow: About your new boyfriend, who we made up. Unless we didn't?
(gives her an inquiring look)

Buffy: (raises her eyebrows) This was a topic of discussion?

Oz: Well, raised, but never discussed.

Cordelia: So, are you dating somebody or not?

Buffy angles her eyes up and sways around a bit, considering what she
should say.

Buffy: I wouldn't use the word 'dating', (looks at them) but I am going
out with somebody. Tonight, as a matter of fact.

Willow: Really? Who?

Faith puts her hand on Xander's shoulder and pulls him aside a little so
she can squeeze in.

Faith: Yo, what's up? (nudges Buffy's shoulder) Hey, time to motorvate.

Buffy: (puts her arm around Faith) Really, we're just good friends.

The two Slayers head out of the club together.

Cut to a cemetery. Buffy and Faith both roll onto their backs, side by
side, each with a vampire on top of them. Buffy backhand punches her
attacker while Faith struggles to get control over hers. Buffy's vampire
tries to punch her, but she redirects his arm to hit the ground next to
her. Giles watches calmly while sitting behind them on a nearby bench.
Buffy is still on her back while her assailant is now standing over her,
throwing punches down at her. Faith log rolls away from them, taking her
attacker with her. Giles takes off his glasses and begins to clean them.

Faith manages to roll on top of her vampire. She yanks him by the lapels
of his jacket to a standing position, spins half-way around and throws
him into a log roll over a stone bench. He hits the ground and keeps on
rolling. Buffy is up now, and ducks a half-spinning jumping hook kick
from her vampire, and then sidesteps to avoid a punch. Faith jumps up
onto the bench and then back down to the ground. Her attacker aims a
punch at her face, but rethinks his maneuver and decides to snap kick
her in the gut. Thinking quickly, Faith grabs his foot and throws it
over his head, forcing him to flip over in a back layout. He lands hard
on his stomach. Buffy throws a punch at her assailant's face, but he
ducks it. She tries for another one, but he blocks it. She then aims for
his stomach with another punch, but is blocked yet again. The vampire
tries to punch her, but she latches onto his arm and yanks him
backwards, then forwards, and twists his arm, sending him flipping onto
his back. Giles calmly watches and takes notes.

Faith has a firm grip on her attacker, and throws his head backward,
sending him flying backwards onto a bench. His momentum carries him
sliding over it. Faith jumps up onto the bench, following him over,
ready to attack. Buffy sends her vampire spinning back to the ground
with a two-kick combination of a roundhouse followed by a hook kick. She
pauses for a moment to let him get back up, and then roundhouse kicks
him in the gut, followed immediately by a punch to his face as the
momentum of her kick carries her around. Giles picks up his cup of
coffee and continues his calm vigilance.

Faith jumps down from the bench and roundhouse kicks her vampire in the
face. Buffy roundhouse kicks hers again in the stomach. Faith punches
her vampire in the stomach and takes aim with her stake. Buffy shoves
hers against Faith's, and they end up back to back. The Slayers both
plunge their stakes into their respective demons simultaneously, causing
them both to explode into ashes. After the dust settles, they give each
other a high-five and head over to Giles.

Buffy: Synchronized slaying.

Faith: New Olympic category?

Buffy: (to Giles) Whadaya think?

Giles lowers his coffee cup, but keeps it held at mouth level.

Gwendolyn: Sloppy.

They all turn to look at the woman who's just walked into view. Her hair
is pulled up in a severe hair style, and she has a very serious look on
her face.

Gwendolyn: You telegraph punches, leave blind sides open and, uh, for a
school-night slaying, take entirely too much time. Which one of you is

Giles looks back at the girls.

Faith: Depends. Who the hell are you?

Giles turns back to the woman.

Gwendolyn: Gwendolyn Post, Mrs. Your new Watcher.

The two Slayers exchange a look, then look over at Giles. He is still
holding his cup and staring at Mrs. Post, too dumbfounded to speak.

Opening credits roll. Buffy's theme plays.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

The library. Giles is leaning against the stair railing, cleaning his
glasses. Buffy is sitting near the middle of the large central table.
There are several books lying open on it. Faith is standing by a corner
of the table, addressing Mrs. Post, who is looking through some of
Giles' collection.

Faith: I'm telling you, I don't need a new Watcher. No offense, lady.
(Gwendolyn looks at her) I just have this problem with authority
figures. They end up kind of dead.

She nods sarcastically and takes a seat next to Buffy.

Gwendolyn: (walking past the table) Duly noted, and fortunately, it's
not up to you.

Buffy and Faith exchange a look. Gwendolyn walks around the table below
the railing of the upper level, looking around at the few stacks there
are in the study area of the library, apparently unaware that the main
stacks are up the stairs and through a set of French doors, well out of

Gwendolyn: Mr. Giles, where do you keep the rest of your books?

Giles: I-I'm sorry. (slips on his glasses) The rest?

Gwendolyn: Yes, the actual library.

Giles gives her a confused look.

Gwendolyn: Oh. (smiles thinly) I see.

Giles: I can assure you, Mrs. Post, this is the finest occult reference

Gwendolyn: (interrupts) ...this side of the Atlantic, I'm sure. Do you
have Hume's Paranormal Encyclopedia?

Giles looks away, knowing that while his collection is superior, it is
still not complete.

Gwendolyn: The Labyrinth Maps of Malta?

Buffy gives him a hopeful look.

Giles: It's on order.

Gwendolyn: Well, I suppose that you have Sir Robert Kane's Twilight

Giles: Oh! Uh... (looks around) Yes, I... (spots the book) Yes! (pulls
it out) Yes, I do. (holds it up)

Gwendolyn: (unimpressed) Of course you do. (paces past him) I have been
sent by the council for a very important reason. Faith needs a Watcher.
I am to act in that capacity and report back.

Faith: (leans forward in her chair) Excuse me, Mary Poppins, you don't
seem to be listening.

Giles: (interrupts) Faith, if the council feels that you need closer
observation, then... we will all, of course, cooperate.

Faith leans back again, not at all happy with the situation.

Gwendolyn: The council wishes me to report on the *entire* situation
here, (to Giles) including you.

That takes Giles by surprise.

Buffy: Mm! Academic probation's not so funny today, huh, Giles? (rolls
her eyes innocently)

Giles glares at her. She just gives it right back to him.

Gwendolyn: The fact is, there is talk in the council that you have
become a bit too... (inhales) American.

Giles: (taken aback) Me?

Buffy: (surprised) Him?

Gwendolyn: A demon named Lagos is coming here to the Hellmouth.
(condescendingly) Mr. Giles, an illustration of Lagos, if you please.

Giles: (a bit flustered) Oh, uh... (looks at the books on the table)
Yes. Uh...

He sits at the table and begins to look through one of the books.

Gwendolyn: Perhaps later.

Giles stops looking, very taken aback. He begins to seethe.

Gwendolyn: Lagos seeks the Glove of Myhnegon. No record of this glove's
full power exists, but we do know it is highly dangerous and must not
fall into the hands of a demon. Lagos must be stopped.

Giles folds his hands over his books and looks up at her.

Giles: What do you propose?

Gwendolyn: Well, if it's not too radical a suggestion, I thought we
might kill him.

Giles turns his head away from her and takes off his glasses.

Gwendolyn: I suggest two Slayers at full strength for a coordinated

Buffy gives Faith a look. Faith just gives Gwendolyn an even stare.

Gwendolyn: We believe the glove to be buried in a tomb somewhere, so
Lagos will be headed for the cemetery.

Giles: There is more than one in Sunnydale.

Gwendolyn: I see. How many?

Giles: Uh, twelve, within the city limits.

Gwendolyn: (takes a deep breath) Well, we'll just have to take them one
at a time.

Giles puts his glasses back on and starts to look through his books

Gwendolyn: Anything in your books that might pinpoint the exact
location of the tomb would be useful, but then, we cannot ask for

Giles lets his book drop to the table and makes a point of looking
directly away from her, rubbing his fingers, keeping his cool.

Gwendolyn: We will begin tomorrow at sunset. Faith... (Faith almost
startles) With me, please.

She gives Faith a thin smile and walks from the library. Faith gives
Buffy a glance, then follows her out. Giles visibly relaxes when they've

Giles: That was bracing.

He slaps his glasses onto the table and leans his lips into his fist.

Buffy: Interesting lady. Can we kill her?

Giles: (lowers his fist) I think the council might frown upon that.

His expression indicates he's considering it anyway, but soon discards
the notion.

Giles: Well... (stands up) How do you feel about a spot of training?

Cut to Angel's mansion. He and Buffy are practicing T'ai Chi in front of
the great fireplace. Angel concentrates on the exercises, but Buffy
watches his moves and does her best to mirror them. They each begin with
their arms stretched high above and ahead of them, hands together. They
lower their arms to waist level with a graceful bend at the elbows.
Buffy glances over at Angel, watching his elegant movements. She turns
her attention back to the exercise, and crosses her right wrist over her
left. They both sweep their crossed arms in a wide arc from left to
right, and then draw their hands in to their waists and make a quarter
turn to their left, so that Buffy has her back to Angel. They both
extend their arms and slowly raise them, never stopping their fluid
movements, until their hands are again held high. Angel takes the two
steps over to Buffy and puts his hands over hers. Buffy looks up at his
hands on hers as he pulls her arms down and around her. She slowly turns
to face him and angles her face up toward him. Their lips almost meet
when Buffy suddenly pulls away and walks over to one of the two couches
set at right angles to each other to get her things.

Buffy: Uhh... I gotta go. Big night for us Slayer types.

Angel turns away, a confused expression on his face. Buffy pulls on her

Buffy: People to see, demons to kill. (starts to leave) Better hurry
before somebody figures out what we're doing.

Angel: (pulls on his shirt) What are we doing?

Buffy: (stops) Training. (quietly) And almost kissing.

Angel looks at her and steps toward her as he buttons his shirt. Buffy
turns to face him.

Buffy: Sorry. It's just... (smiles weakly) old habit. (loses the smile)
Bad, bad habit to be broken.

Angel: It's hard.

Buffy: It's not hard. (with resolve) Cold turkey. That's the key to

They both look at each other for a long moment, knowing it's just not
that easy.

Buffy: (weakly and desperately) You think they make a patch for this?

Angel: You have to go.

Buffy: I really do.

Angel looks away as Buffy turns again to go. She only gets a couple of
steps when she sighs and turns to face Angel again.

Buffy: I'm gonna try and vent a little hormonal angst by going out
there and killing a Lagos, whatever that is.

Angel faces her again upon hearing that demon's name.

Angel: Lagos?

Buffy: Some demon looking for some all-powerful thingamabob, (Angel
sits, suddenly worried) and I gotta stop him before he unleashes unholy
havoc, (sees his worried look) and it's another Tuesday night in

Angel can't bring himself to look at her again, and so just stares off
into space.

Angel: Be careful.

Buffy turns and heads out of the mansion. Angel watches her back as she
goes, and when she's gone, he gets up to start some work of his own.

Cut to the library. Giles is sitting at the large table reading through
a book with a dozen other volumes open and spread out in front of him.
Willow is standing behind the railing of the stack level behind him.
Xander is standing at the end of the table. Giles looks up from his

Giles: Oh, this is intolerable. (slams the book shut) There's not a
word here about Lagos or the glove. (stands up) We don't have time for
this (drops the book in frustration) near-missing. (turns to Willow and
Xander) Just find out all you can about the demon, its-its-its
strengths, its-its weaknesses, (begins to pace) its places of origin,
(stops and yanks off his glasses) and most importantly, (points at
Xander with his glasses) what it plans to do with this blasted glove.

Xander: (gives Giles an annoyed smile) Hey, you're not the Watcher of

Giles: Then go home. But if you choose to stay, then work.

He makes frustrated tracks into his office. Xander stares after him for
a moment, then starts up the stairs to the stack level for more
research. Willow steps over to meet him.

Willow: Ugh... It's late. I'm tired. What does he want from us, anyway?

They head into the stacks.

Xander: The number of a qualified surgeon to remove the British flag
from his butt?

They stop at a spot where a few books are lying open on the floor and
sit down. Xander takes one of them and starts to look through it.

Willow: My eyes are all blurry.

She leans forward and rests her head in her hands for a moment, then
starts rubbing her temples with her fingers.

Willow: Ohh...

She moans as she rubs. Xander looks over at her, concerned. He sets down
his book, nudges a bit closer and reaches over to do the rubbing for
her. When she feels his fingers at her temples, Willow drops her own
hands into her lap and lets him minister to her, letting out a few more

Willow: Oh, stop.

Xander: Right. (continues rubbing) Stop means no... (keeps rubbing) And
no means no, so, um... (finally stops) stop.

He leans back away from her. She sits up a bit. He takes his book again
to continue his research. Suddenly Willow reaches for him, grabs his
face and plants a hard kiss on his lips. Xander responds and puts his
hands around her to pull her closer. They kiss passionately for a few
seconds, when Giles suddenly comes walking by, his attention focused on
a book in his hands as he reads. Willow and Xander don't notice him at

Giles: Willow, Xander...

They stop kissing and quickly scramble to their feet.

Giles: can stop your, uh, studying.

They wipe and cover their mouths in guilt, but aren't yet sure if
they've been caught since Giles is looking at a bookcase. Willow bites
her nails nervously.

Giles: I've got what I need.

Xander: (trying to be cool) What have you got?

Giles: Uh, the probable location of the Glove of Myhnegon. (faces them)
It's, uh, housed in the Von Hauptman family crypt.

Xander: Yeah, that's that big one over at the Restfield Cemetery.

Willow: Yeah, well, that's great, Giles. Um, how'd you find it?

Giles: I looked. (continues his reading)

Xander: Where's Buffy at?

Giles: Uh, I'm not sure.

Xander: Well, I'll go check out this, uh, crypt. (starts out) Um, tell
her heads-up if she, uh, stops by. (leaves)

Giles: Yes, by all means, go.

Willow: (nervously) A-and I'll just keep studying. I think we're on the
verge of a big Lagos breakthrough.

Giles: (looks up from his book) No, I'd say we're done.

He starts back out of the stacks. Willow lets out a deep sigh, ridden
with guilt and halfway convinced that they've been caught.

Cut to the streets at night. Faith and Buffy walk along as people and
cars go by.

Faith: Ronnie, deadbeat. Steve, klepto. Kenny... drummer. Eventually, I
just had to face up to my destiny as a loser magnet. Now it's strictly
get some, get gone. You can't trust guys.

Buffy: You can trust some guys. (gets a doubtful look from Faith)
Really, I've read about them.

Faith: (laughs) Yeah. So, what about you?

Buffy: You mean like, me and guys me?

Faith: Mm-hm.

Buffy: Not much to tell these days.

Faith: Yeah, but you gotta have stories. I mean, I've had my share of
losers, but you... you boinked the undead. What was that like?

Buffy: Life with Angel's... was complicated. It's still a little hard
for me to talk about.

Faith: Well, try.

They stop walking.

Buffy: Look, Faith, all the Angel issues are still kind of with me, so
if you don't mind, I'd rather not.

Faith: (shrugs) Yeah. (shrugs) Yeah, whatever.

Buffy looks away.

Faith: You know what? We're oh for six tonight. Why don't we just blow
this off?

Buffy: Yeah. I am kinda beat. But-but Shady Hill's pretty close.

Faith: I'll swing through it. It's on my way anyway.

Buffy: Alone? I-I don't know if I'd...

Faith: I got Miss Priss on my back now. I don't need another baby-
sitter. I'll holler if I'm having any fun.

Buffy: (smiles thinly) Okay.

Faith: (nods down the street) Later. (goes)

Buffy: Thanks.

She watches her go for a moment before turning and heading home.

Cut to Shady Hill cemetery. Faith walks around a hedge and into view,
scanning the graveyard as she goes. Suddenly the lid of a stone coffin
slams into the ground in front of her. She jerks back, startled but
unhurt. In front of her she sees Lagos, a warrior demon, grabbing things
out of the coffin and throwing them aside as he quickly rummages through

Faith: (to herself) Son of a bitch. It's my lucky day.

She starts to run toward him and jumps into a flying side kick to Lagos'
back. He hardly budges and turns his head to see who is disturbing him.
Faith grabs his arm and whips him around to face her. She backhand
punches him in the face and instantly follows up with another swing to
his face, then punches him in the gut and again in the face. She pushes
him away slightly to get some distance between them, and then roundhouse
kicks him in the side. Unfazed and tired of the interruption, Lagos
grabs her by the neck and throws her high and far. She slams into the
side of a mausoleum and falls to the ground. Lagos turns his attention
back to the open coffin. Faith scrambles to her feet and starts to run
at him again. Lagos hears her coming this time and turns to face her.
She tries to grab his neck, but he blocks her arm and does an uppercut
to Faith's diaphragm, which makes her airborne once again. She hits the
ground hard and starts to struggle for breath. Lagos ignores her and
goes back to his rummaging. He pulls the last of the coffin's contents
out, sees that it's nothing he wants and throws it aside in disgust. He
wastes no time getting out of there, stomping right past Faith, not
giving her even so much as another glance. With her breath knocked out
of her, Faith is unable to get up to pursue him.

Cut to Restfield cemetery. Xander finds his way through the gravestones
to the Von Hauptman family crypt. His breathing is heavy and nervous. He
finds the crypt and peeks at it from behind a bush, making sure no one
and nothing else is around. He steps out from behind the bush, nervously
looking around while he makes his way toward the crypt.

Xander: (smiling, dripping with sarcasm) Hey, Giles, here's a nifty
idea: why don't I alleviate my guilt by goin' out and gettin' myself
really, really killed?

He stops in his tracks when he thinks he hears a noise. Sure enough, a
second later he can hear the sound of stone grinding against stone
coming from inside the crypt. He swiftly ducks behind a group of bushes,
crouches down and waits to see who will come out. A figure soon comes
out of the crypt and pulls the door closed. In its arms it holds
something wrapped in a bunch of rags. The figure turns its back to
Xander as it grabs the outer iron gate and swings it closed as well.
Xander rises up just a bit so he can better see who it is. The figure
turns around again and begins to cautiously make its way out of the
graveyard. As it nears Xander, he sees that it's Angel. Xander doesn't
take his eyes off of him as he walks past. When Angel is far enough
ahead of him, Xander comes out from behind the bushes, pulls out his
stake and starts to follow.

Cut to the atrium at Angel's mansion. Xander sneaks down the stairs to
the main gallery and tiptoes over to a window where he can see inside.
There, to his shock, he sees Buffy with Angel, kissing passionately.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~

Angel's mansion. He and Buffy are kissing passionately. The camera
circles around them as they continue kissing. Suddenly Buffy breaks it
off and takes a couple of steps backward and looks away from his face.

Buffy: Oh, God...

Angel: (confused) Buffy...

Buffy: What am I doing? (looks up at him) What are *you* doing?

Angel: (still confused) I don't know.

Buffy: Shame on you!

Angel doesn't know how to respond to that. He puts his hand to his
forehead. Buffy heads over to her things on the couch.

Buffy: Oh, God, I... I don't even know why I came back here.

She starts to pull on her jacket. Angel steps over and takes it from her

Angel: It's good you did.

Buffy looks up to him, waiting for an explanation.

Angel: I think I have what you're looking for.

He leads her by the hand over to a pedestal where the thing he got from
the crypt lies, still wrapped up in rags.

Buffy: Great... Just, wherever this was gift-wrapped, remind me not to
shop there.

He unwraps the rags to reveal their contents. It's an ancient-looking
glove made of leather, chain mail and plate mail. There are small spikes
along the plates that cover the back of the hand and the forearm. Ringed
around the opening are ten hinged claws that look something like crab
legs, but made of steel and very sharp.

Angel: Glove of Myhnegon.

Buffy: The world's ugliest fashion accessory.

She reaches out to touch it. Angel quickly stays her hand with his.

Angel: No, don't. Once you put it on, the glove can never be removed.

Buffy: So... no touching. (nods, looks at their hands) Kinda like us.

Angel gets the hint and releases her hand. He wraps the glove back up in
the rags.

Buffy: You hold on to it. I'll... I'll tell Giles in the morning. At
least he'll be happy.

Cut to Giles' apartment. He is researching through a book at his desk.
Gwendolyn walks in front of the camera and around to Giles' side. He
seems to have found something.

Giles: Ah! Yes. There we are.

In the book is a sketch of a battle scene with an inset of the glove. It
resembles the real thing only vaguely. He sets the book down for her to

Giles: There's a wood engraving. See? The Glove of Myhnegon.

Gwendolyn: (looks at it, unimpressed) Yes, engraved by Father Theodore
of Wolsham.

Giles: Yes.

Gwendolyn: Based, I believe, on very sketchy and unreliable folk
legends. The pictures are fun to look at, Mr. Giles, but one really
ought to read the nice words as well.

Giles looks up from the books, but stares ahead, not wanting Gwendolyn
to see the look of raw annoyance in his eyes. In the kitchen the tea
kettle begins to whistle.

Giles: Ah. (stands up) Yes. (puts his hands in his pockets) Some tea,

He strides into the kitchen. Gwendolyn takes the few steps over to the
bar where he has two cups already set out for the tea and sits on one of
the stools. Giles grabs the kettle from the stove.

Gwendolyn: I know that you must find me tiresome, but it's insidious,

Giles pours the hot water into one of the cups. Gwendolyn looks down at
the teabag in her still empty cup, takes it out and sets it aside.

Gwendolyn: A person slips up on the little things, and soon everything
has gone to Hell in a handbasket.

Giles doesn't say anything to her rejection of his teabag. She opens her
purse and pulls out a small box with her own supply of tea.

Gwendolyn: For example... Buffy, your Slayer...

Giles: (struggling to control his voice) Mrs. Post... (pours her hot
water) I can assure you that Buffy is both dedicated and industrious,
and I am in complete control of my Slayer.

Suddenly his apartment door whips open, and Xander runs into the room.

Xander: Giles! We have a big problem. It's Buffy.

Gwendolyn give Giles a snooty look.

Giles: Will you excuse us?

He walks very stiffly from the kitchen and nods to Xander to follow.
They go to the far side of the room and whisper between themselves.
Gwendolyn takes her own teabag and puts it in her cup to steep.

Gwendolyn: Would you like some assistance?

Giles and Xander stop their whispering and look at her.

Giles: (smiling thinly) Thank you. That won't be necessary.

They go back to their private discussion. Gwendolyn looks at her cup to
see how far along her tea is.

Cut to Sunnydale High. Cut to the library. Giles paces slowly in the
main area. Behind him the door opens, and he hears someone walk in. He
slowly turns to see that it's Buffy.

Buffy: Lagos is out of luck. I got the magic mitten thingy.

She stops to see that Xander, Cordelia, Oz and Willow are all sitting at
the center table looking as glum as Giles does.

Buffy: What's with all the tragedy masks?

Giles: (indicates a chair) Better take a seat, Buffy.

Xander gets up out of his chair, nudges it over a bit so it's at the
head of the table, and steps away to stand next to Cordelia. Buffy
slowly steps over to the chair.

Buffy: What's going on? (sits)

Giles: We know Angel is alive. (Buffy looks shocked) Xander saw you
with him. It would appear that you've been hiding him and that you lied
to us.

Buffy looks away, trying to absorb this new turn of events.

Willow: Nobody's here to blame you, Buffy. But this is serious. You
need help.

Buffy: (looks up at Willow) It's not what you think.

Xander: Hope not. Because I think you're harboring a vicious killer.

Buffy can't believe Xander's callousness.

Willow: (trying to mediate) This isn't about attacking Buffy. Remember,
'I' statements only. 'I feel angry.' 'I feel worried.'

Cordelia: Fine. Here's one: I feel worried... about me! Last time
around, Angel barely laid a hand on Buffy. He was *way* more interested
in killing her friends.

Buffy: But he's better now.

Xander: Better for how long, Buffy? I mean, did you even think about

Buffy: (stands up) What is this, Demons Anonymous? (starts to leave) I
don't need an intervention, here.

Giles: Oh, don't you? (Buffy stops and faces him) You must've known it
was wrong seeing Angel or you wouldn't have hidden it from all of us.

Buffy: (desperate and defensive) I was going to tell you, I was. I-it
was just that I... I didn't know why he came back. I just wanted to

Xander: For what? For Angel to go psycho again the next time you give
him a happy?

Buffy: (raising her voice defensively) I'm not going to... (raises her
hand to him) We're not together like that.

Oz: But you were kissing him.

Willow gives Oz a quick look, then looks at Buffy, worried. Buffy thinks
about the implication of Oz's accusation, and looks at Xander.

Buffy: You were spying on me? (steps toward him) What gives you the

Cordelia: What gives you the right to suck face with your demon lover

Buffy: (defensive again) It was an accident.

Xander: What, you just tripped and fell on his lips?

Buffy: It was wrong, okay? I know that, and I know that it can't happen
again. But you guys have to believe me. I would never put you in any
danger. If I thought for a second that Angel was going to hurt anyone...

Xander: would stop him. Like you did last time with Ms.

Buffy is completely taken aback by Xander's totally insensitive and
unfair attack, and can't utter a word in response. Willow senses that
it's time to intercede.

Willow: (nervously) Buffy, I feel that when it comes to Angel, you
can't see straight. And that's why we're, we're all gonna help you face

Buffy: But he's better now. I swear. Look, you guys, he's the one that
found the Glove of Myhnegon. H-he's keeping it safe for us in the

Xander: (spreads his arms) Right! Great plan. Leave tons of firepower
with the Scary Guy, and leave us to clean up the mess.

He makes tracks to leave the library, intent on doing something about
this. Buffy takes him by the arm and spins him around to face her.

Buffy: You would just love an excuse to hurt him, wouldn't you?

Xander: I don't need an excuse. I think lots of dead people actually
constitutes a reason.

Buffy: Right. This is all nobility. This has nothing to do with

Xander gives her a haughty grin, but is interrupted before he can

Cordelia: Hello? Miss Not-Over-Yourself-Yet?

Buffy: (shakes her head in warning) Don't you start with me.

Cordelia looks to Giles for support.

Willow: (upset) Giles, no one's doing the 'I' statements!

Giles: That's enough! Everybody. Now, Buffy knows our concerns, and her
actions, however ill-advised, can be understood. (Cordelia shakes her
head) Our... priority right now is to retrieve the Glove of Myhnegon and
try to destroy it. Now, all of you, back to classes.

One after the other they all get up, gather their things and go. Giles
goes into his office, his hands firmly stuffed into his pockets. Once
there he takes off his jacket and hangs it around the back of his chair.
Buffy follows him and stops by the office door.

Buffy: (uneasily) Thanks for the bail in there.

Giles doesn't face her, and instead unbuttons his vest.

Buffy: I know this is a lot to absorb, but Angel did find the glove,
and that was a good...

Giles: (interrupts) Be quiet. (slowly turns to face her) (sternly) I
won't remind you that the fate of the world often lies with the Slayer.
What would be the point? Nor shall I remind you that you've jeopardized
the lives of all that you hold dear by harboring a known murderer. But
sadly, I must remind you that Angel tortured me... for hours... for
pleasure. You should have told me he was alive. You didn't. You have no
respect for me, or the job I perform.

Buffy averts her eyes in shame. Giles turns back to his desk, sits down
and leans back in thought. Buffy just stands in the doorway for a long
moment before leaving quietly.

Cut to Faith's motel room. There is a knock at the door. Faith opens it,
stake raised and ready. She is surprised to see Gwendolyn standing
there. She lowers the stake as Mrs. Post enters.

Gwendolyn: A word of advice? Vampires rarely knock. Especially in
daylight. (closes the door)

Faith: Oh, right.

Gwendolyn: (looks around) So... this is your home.

Faith: Yeah. (gestures around the room) The decorator actually just

Gwendolyn: Faith, do you know who the Spartans were? (leans against the

Faith: Wild stab: a bunch of guys from Spart? (sits on the bed)

Gwendolyn: They were the fiercest warriors known to Ancient Greece. And
they lived in quarters very much like these. Do you know why? Because a
true fighter needs nothing else. I'm going to be very hard on you,
Faith. I will not brook insolence or laziness. And I will not allow
blunders like last night's attack. You will probably hate me a great
deal of the time.

Faith: (smiles sardonically) You think?

Gwendolyn: (steps over to the bed) But I will make you a better Slayer,
(sits next to Faith) and that will keep you alive. You have to trust
that I am right. God only knows what Mr. Giles has been filling your
head with.

Faith: Giles is okay.

Gwendolyn: (stands) His methods are unfathomable to me. I find him
entirely confounding. But that is not important. Let him have his games
and secret meetings.

Faith: What meetings?

Gwendolyn: Oh, I don't know. Something with Buffy and her friends.

Faith: Oh, right. I guess that doesn't include me.

Gwendolyn: And why does he let her socialize so much? It hardly
seems... No matter. Would you like to do some training?

Faith: Training? (stands up) As in kicking and punching and stabbing?

Gwendolyn: (smiles) Yes, that's the idea.

Faith: I'm your girl.

Cut to the halls at Sunnydale High. The bell rings. Buffy walks around
the corner and stops when she sees Willow at her locker. She takes a
breath to calm herself and heads over to her friend.

Buffy: Hey.

Willow: Hey! (continues gathering her stuff)

Buffy: So on a scale of one to a million, how much are you hating me
right now?

Willow: (jumpy, trying to hide her feelings) Zero. You were scared, you
kept a secret, you know? (zips closed her backpack) That's-it-it's okay.
I mean, secrets aren't bad. You know, they're normal. (slips her pack
onto her shoulder) They're better than normal. They're good. Secrets are
good. Must be a reason why we keep them, right? (closes her locker)

Buffy: Yeah, I guess.

They start down the hall.

Willow: So, are you going to the Bronze tonight, or, uh, are you gonna
sneak away for a not-so-secret rendezvous with Angel?

Buffy: None of the above. I'm gonna try and kill this Lagos guy. Peace
offering to Giles.

Willow: Well, Angel has the glove now, right?

Buffy: Yep. But Lagos doesn't know that. I figure sooner or later he's
bound to show up at that crypt looking for it.

Willow: Ah, but instead he finds a Buffy in a not-so-good mood.

Buffy: That's my brilliant plan.

Cut to the Bronze that evening. Xander makes his breaking shot at a pool
table. He goes over to the pocket where he accidentally sank his cue
ball, retrieves it and walks back around the table to continue
practicing. Faith approaches the table.

Faith: You look pissed.

Xander: Rough day. (chooses his shot)

Faith: Tell me about it.

Xander: (places the cue ball) Rather just shoot. (aims his cue stick)

Faith: Don't think I don't know what you and your pals were talking
about behind my back today.

Xander: (takes his shot) Yeah? And what was that? (looks for his next

Faith: More about this glove deal than you're saying.

Xander: The Glove of Myhnegon? Right. (aims his cue stick) How'd you
like a hit of some real news: Angel's still alive.

He takes his shot and starts walking around the table again, looking for
his next shot. Faith looks at him in wide-eyed surprise.

Faith: The vampire.

Xander: Back in town. Saw him myself. Toting the popular and famous

He bends down again to take aim for his shot.

Faith: Angel.

Xander makes this shot and watches the balls ricochet.

Faith: Guy like that, with that kind of glove, could kill a whole mess
of people.

Xander: Said the same thing to Buffy myself. Weird how she didn't seem
to care. (aims for his next shot)

Faith: Buffy knew he was alive.

Xander takes his shot.

Faith: I can't believe her.

Xander: (walks around the table) She says he's clean.

Faith: Yeah, well, I say we can't afford to find out. (has Xander's
full attention) I say I deal with this problem right now. I say I slay.

Xander: Can I come?

He puts down his cue stick and they head out.

Cut to Giles' office at the library. He is researching at his desk. He
hears footsteps and turns around to stand up and see who it is.

Gwendolyn: You wanted to see me, Mr. Giles?

Giles: (grabs his coat) Yes. I do apologize for bringing you in at this
late hour. (pulls it on)

Gwendolyn: Please. A good Watcher must be awake and alert at all hours.

Giles: Would you like some tea?

He tosses his glasses onto his desk and steps over to his tea-making
implements to prepare his teapot and two cups.

Gwendolyn: God, yes, please. I'm completely knackered. (goes to Giles'
chair) I spent the afternoon training with Faith. (sits) She doesn't
lack for energy.

Giles: (chuckles) She's your first Slayer, I take it?

Gwendolyn: If you're questioning my qualifications...

Giles: No, I'm not. (pours water from the kettle into his teapot) I,
uh, have the utmost respect for your methods... (faces her, holding the
teapot) in my own American way. (leans against his desk) I also have the
glove. (Gwendolyn looks at him expectantly) Oh, not actually on me, but,
uh, I believe it's safe. It's in a mansion on Crawford Street. A-a-a
friend of Buffy's is keeping it there.

Gwendolyn: (stands up) Well. We must get to it. Immediately. Hide it
before someone else finds it.

Giles: Or better still, destroy it.

Gwendolyn: (surprised) Destroy it?

Giles: (stands up and sets down the teapot) Yes, I-I... I didn't think
it could be done either, but... (goes to his desk for a book) It
involves transforming fire (show her the book) into Living Flame and
immolating the glove.

Gwendolyn reads the pages where Giles indicates.

Giles: I-i-it's complex, but, uh, I believe I have all the necessary

He goes back to his desk and checks his gathered inventory.

Gwendolyn: Well, (puts the book down) I must say, Mr. Giles... Good

She steps up behind him and hits him across the back of the neck with a
wooden tribal statue. His knees give and he stumbles, but doesn't fall.
He turns to face her, giving her a stunned look.

Gwendolyn: Good show indeed.

She swings the statue again at his temple. It hits him hard, and he
falls unconscious to the floor.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 3 ~~~~~~~~~~

The Restfield Cemetery in front of the Von Hauptman family crypt. Willow
paces and Buffy sits on a stone bench while they wait for Lagos to show

Willow: Um, not to downplay my own slaying abilities, which in some
circles are considered formidable, but shouldn't Faith be here?

Buffy: I tried calling, but no one was home. Look, if you're feeling
any demon-o-phobia, please, splitting is totally an option. You're not
the one in trouble with Giles.

Willow: That's true. (continues pacing)

Buffy: How long do you think he can stay angry at me, anyway?

Willow: The emotional marathon man? (shrugs)

Buffy: Yeah. I can't really blame him. It's weird, though. Now that my
secret... Angel, it's all out in the open... I feel better.

Willow: Well, *sure* you do. This big burden's been lifted. I mean,
keeping secrets is a lot of work. (stops pacing) One could
hypothetically imagine.

Buffy: You have no idea.

Willow: (laughs uneasily) None whatsoever. But... (sits next to Buffy)
Can I ask you a question? (Buffy nods) When you were with Angel and
nobody knew about it, did that make it feel, you know, sexier somehow?

Buffy: Not really. It's too much pressure. After a while, it even makes
the fun parts... not so fun.

Willow: (disappointed) Oh.

Buffy: (wondering what's up) What makes you think all this secret stuff
is sexy, anyway?

Willow: (nervously defensive) Nothing. I'm just wondering. Gotta keep
asking the big old questions when you're blessed with this girl's thirst
for knowledge and... (gives in) Okay. There's something I have to tell

Buffy: What?

Willow: (gets up) Okay. This will make me feel better, right? You know,
I always consider myself a good person. Floss, do my homework, never
cheat. But lately, and please don't judge me on this, but I want you to
be the first to know that, that... (sees Lagos) there's a demon behind

Buffy looks behind her and kicks her legs up to spin herself around on
the bench. She uses the momentum of the spin to start a running attack.
She jumps into a twin pike kick to Lago's stomach. It has no real effect
on Lagos, just making him take a step backward as she falls flat to the
ground. Willow looks on, worried and unable to help. Lagos reaches down
for Buffy and grabs her by the neck. He pulls her up only to flip her
back down to the ground in a sloppy front tuck. She lands hard on her
back. Willow wants to help, but can only watch. Buffy gets to her feet
and comes at Lagos with a combination of a punch to the gut and the
face, a half spin, a backhand punch to the face, another half spin and
another backhand punch. She tries for an elbow jab, but he blocks it,
grabs her arm and reaches for her leg, and lifts her up above his head.
Willow is afraid for her friend and waves her hands wildly in protest.

Willow: Don't...

Lagos suddenly drops Buffy, and she lands hard on her back. Willow
cringes at the sight. Buffy quickly gets to her feet and steps to her
right as Lagos swings a fist at her head. He misses her and smashes his
fist into a stone cross. Taking advantage of the opening, Buffy steps in
and front snap kicks him in the gut, following up with a roundhouse kick
to his face, a full spin and another roundhouse kick to his crotch.
Lagos doubles over in pain. Willow winces at how painful it looked.
Buffy spies the battle-ax on his back.

Buffy: Now we're talking.

She grabs the ax, pulls it from its sheath and swings it around as Lagos
straightens back up. In one stroke Lagos is suddenly headless. His head
rolls along the ground a ways before coming to rest. Willow pumps her
fists into the air in front of her.

Willow: Yes!

She quickly plays down her gesture into crossed arms. Buffy comes
walking back to her.

Buffy: Sorry about that. So, what were you saying?

Willow: Oh, I... (decides against a confession) I opened my SAT test
booklet five minutes early. (Buffy gives her a blank look) Just doesn't
seem important now, does it?

Buffy: (smiles) Your secret's safe with me. (looks at Lagos' body) Come
on. Let's go bring Giles some happiness.

She shoulders the battle-ax, and the two girls head for the library.

Cut to the library. Faith and Xander barge in and head for the cage, and
the weapons cabinet within.

Xander: Good old Sunnydale library. Fully equipped with reference
books, file cards... (opens the cabinet doors) and weapons.

Faith: Beauty. (reaches in)

Xander: I call crossbow. (reaches for it)

Faith: You got it.

They gather an array of weapons. Xander grabs some bolts for the bow.
They close the doors when they have what they want.

Xander: All right, ready to go?

Faith: That I am.

They start to head out, when Xander hears a moan coming from Giles'

Xander: Wait.

Faith: What?

Xander hurries into the office. He sets down the crossbow when he sees
Giles on the floor and kneels down to help him.

Xander: Oh, my God. It's Giles! (holds his head) Giles, can you hear
me? (looks around) What the hell happened?

Faith: Gee, let me guess.

Xander: (trying not to panic) Stop. Hold it. Just think a minute.

Faith: Yeah, I'm thinking. Thinking Buffy's ex-meat did this.

Xander: (grabs the phone) It's not Angel's style. (dials 911)

Faith: The guy's a demon! How much more proof do you need?

Xander: Bite marks would be nice. (into the phone) Yeah, I have a
medical emergency. Sunnydale High.

Faith: Screw this waiting crap. (starts to go)

Xander: Faith, if we leave, Giles could die!

Faith: (from the checkout counter) Yeah, and he's gonna have a whole
lot of company, unless *I* do something permanent. (starts to go again)

Xander: Wait!

Faith: For what? You to grow a pair? You handle the baby-sit, and I'm
gonna kill Angel. (strides out)

Xander: Damn it!

He waits on the phone, holding Giles' head.

Cut to Angel's mansion. He has a fire going in an urn and several small
bowls of powders in various colors on a small table.

Angel: Exorere, Flamma Vitae. Prodi ex loco tuo elementorum, in hunc
mundum vivorum.

Translation: Arise, Flame of Life. Come forth from your place of the
elements, into this world of the living.

He shakes some of a green powder into his hand, throws it into the
flame, and it begins to burn green.

Angel: Exorere, Flamma Vitae. Prodi ex loco tuo elementorum, in hunc
mundum vivorum.

Translation: Arise, Flame of Life. Come forth from your place of the
elements, into this world of the living.

He shakes some of a red powder into his hand, throws it into the flame,
and it begins to burn red.

Cut to the library. Buffy and Willow open the doors and walk in.

Buffy: Giles is gonna be psyched that we showed up stuffy old Mrs.

They see the paramedics there with Giles on a gurney. Buffy tosses the
battle-ax over the counter.

Buffy: Oh, my God. (runs to Giles' side)

Paramedic: (into her radio) Sunnydale Medical...

Buffy: What happened?

Paramedic: (into her radio) ...Caucasian male, mid-forties...

Buffy: Giles...

Paramedic: ...blunt object head trauma. Notify ER, we're bringing him

Buffy: What happened?

Paramedic: No time for this. (starts to wheel him out)

Giles: (feebly) Wait... (the paramedics stop) Buffy, you must... must
destroy the glove.

Paramedic: (sternly) You want him to live? Get out of the way.

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